Competitor Meeting Guide

Guide employees through competitor interactions to minimize competition risks

An Competitor Meeting Guide lets users assess whether they are violating any antitrust laws by discussing certain matters in a meeting with competitors or professional associations.

For the avoidance of any such violations, companies have strict bespoke guidelines in place which detail what their employees are allowed to discuss with third parties, particularly their competitors. These guidelines can often prove lengthy and difficult for employees to interpret who require a quick answer on whether or not to share and discuss certain information.

With BRYTER, companies can build a digital Competitor Meeting Guide that clearly instructs the user on whether certain information can be shared. Our compliance process automation tool saves the legal team and the company as a whole time and effort by automating the advice to remove the need for offline consultations and streamlining the guidance process for all employees. Using an interactive questionnaire our antitrust violation tool assesses the user’s inputs and the result is able to provide clear and context-specific advice.

How it works


Provide information

The user, who is wanting to find out whether a specific topic may be discussed at a meeting, goes through an interactive questionnaire to provide the details needed for the assessment.


Receive instructions

The tool assesses the given inputs against the company’s guidelines and all applicable legal regulations and advises the user whether he or she needs to refrain from sharing this information or from discussing certain topics. A record of the inputs and the assessments is generated and stored in the company’s database to prove compliance.


Stay informed

A report is generated every time a user seeks advice and a copy is sent to both the user and the legal department. The tool contributes to the company’s overall compliance and antitrust risk mitigation efforts.

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