Business Entity Advisor

Determine the type of company that best suits a given business project

The Business Entity Advisor automates the assessment process to determine which type of company best suits a given business project.

As the pros and cons of different company types can be difficult to navigate and depend to a large extent on the specific requirements of a business, many founders seek external legal advice before registering their company.

With BRYTER business software, law firms can build an easy-to-use tool that applies the logic and reasoning behind recommending one company type over another. The user provides information regarding the envisaged business and its specific requirements and the tool then processes this data to automatically identify the recommended company type. This advisory process is completed with our no-code app builder without the need for manual legal inputs from lawyers, thus saving time and money for users while also enabling lawyers and law firms to scale their knowledge and services.

How it works


Provide information

The user wishing to identify the preferential company type for his or her business enters the details requested by the questionnaire.


Get assessment

The tool assesses the inputs and automatically recommends a company type. It provides a summary of why a specific company type is beneficial and what other options are available.


Generate report

A report containing the user’s inputs and a short summary of the reasoning behind the advice given is generated for download. The tool enables law firms to scale their knowledge without having to spend time on low-value tasks.

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