CCPA Privacy Policy Generator

Generate tailored privacy policies in line with newly enforced regulatory requirements

A CCPA Privacy Policy Generator generates privacy notices that are fully compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which came into effect on January 1, 2020.

The tool replaces the need to manually draft privacy notices for individual websites, online forms and other communications, which is an otherwise onerous and time-consuming task. The tool has access to a host of clauses and statements which can then be adjusted and arranged in a coherent manner to cover every instance of a company’s bespoke type of data processing. Its modular logic can easily be edited and updated to accommodate changing laws and to accommodate new tools and types of data processing.


Under the CCPA, companies are obliged to provide a privacy notice to all persons whose personal data they are processing. The CCPA mandates how such a privacy notice must be provided. Not only does it clearly enlist the information that must be made available to the affected persons, but also stipulates the nature of language in such notices – concise, transparent and intelligible language. Depending on the way a company collects personal data, the obligations on what the privacy notice should contain vary.

With BRYTER, companies can build an automated CCPA Privacy Policy Generator which uses legally accurate clauses as building blocks of unique privacy notices that cover all scenarios of data processing. The user is guided through a series of questions and these inputs determine what type of privacy notice is required and which clauses are inserted. Due to the open architecture of the BRYTER platform, the embedded clauses and the risk and compliance tool’s modular logic can easily be amended. This means that the onerous task of manual drafting of individual privacy policies is replaced by a simple process of maintaining the accuracy of the tool’s logic to ensure its compliance with changing legal requirements. 


Automated & Standardized

The CCPA Privacy Policy Generator allows companies to generate customized privacy notices through a standardized process. This ensures a consistent approach and documentation.

Faster Execution

The CCPA Privacy Policy Generator is able to generate numerous kinds of data privacy notices automatically which lets the legal departments focus on value added work and saves time.

Centralized audit trail

Within the CCPA Privacy Policy Generator, all relevant steps, actions and clause compilations are tracked and documented in a centralized audit trail. This allows users to prove and document compliant behavior, if needed.


The CCPA Privacy Policy Generator can easily be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure so that users can for example access the tool via a link in the company’s intranet.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable the CCPA Privacy Policy Generator may accommodate a company’s unique policies, processes and CCPA requirements.

How it works


Go through Q&A

Through a customizable and user-friendly questionnaire, all relevant information such as the type of data processing performed, and the tools used for data collection is gathered from the user. The inputs then determine which clauses are required to generate the notice.


Generate privacy notice

A legally compliant privacy notice is generated based on the provided information. If additional customization should be required, the user can share the notice and all gathered information via link or email internally with the legal department.


Keep up-to-date

The open architecture of the BRYTER platform allows the application to be updated continuously in the background ensuring that the generated privacy notices are always compliant and up-to-date.

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