Coronavirus Tax Relief Guide

Quickly assess relevant COVID-19 government tax deferral measures

COVID-19 Tax Deferral Guide

The COVID-19 Tax Deferral Guide automatically identifies the relevant government tax deferral measures for businesses that have been introduced in an effort to help businesses with cashflow during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coronavirus Tax Relief Guide helps businesses quickly identify the relevant government tax deferral measures that have been introduced by various jurisdictions in an effort to help businesses with cashflow during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. After having identified the right program, the tool will then automatically guide the user through the application process in order to secure the tax deferral scheme that the business is entitled to. The user is asked to enter certain key data regarding the affected business (e.g. location, sector, employee count or annual turnover). Based on this data, the tool will then automatically determine the applicable government tax deferral scheme and list its respective application process requirements.

The tool currently reflects the support programs which have been implemented by the governments in EU countries and the U.S. in order to support domestic businesses. The tool’s open architecture, however, allows it to be easily adapted to other government support programs in no time.


As a result of the ongoing disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses are facing cash flow difficulties that, in turn, are having a direct and significant impact on the general economy. Many businesses in the EU and the U.S. are severely impacted and many were obliged to close its shops, restaurants or bars. Some had to reduce production to zero or a bare minimum.  

For businesses to survive, their cash flow has become a key focus to ensure all core aspects of the business maintain intact and, in response, governments worldwide have reacted with tax deferral programs. Yet, identifying the applicable and relevant tax deferral program can be challenging due to the vast amount of different government tax programs across multiple jurisdictions. 

With BRYTER, you can build an automated Coronavirus Tax Relief Guide which quickly identifies the relevant government tax deferral scheme for your clients or your business. The tool’s assessment capabilities give the user an overview of the eligibility for certain tax deferral schemes and allows the user to assess all relevant jurisdictions at one time. Once an assessment has been completed, the user is guided towards next steps that will facilitate the application process. Due to the open architecture of the BRYTER platform, the tool’s straightforward logic can easily be tailored to specific types of govtech schemes and business sectors.  


Automated & Standardized

The Coronavirus Tax Relief Guide helps businesses to quickly identify the relevant government tax deferral scheme.

Fast and Safe Execution

The Coronavirus Tax Relief Guide provides a fast assessment in an easy-to-use format to ensure businesses are able to quickly secure the tax deferral schemes they are entitled to. The tool is available 24/7 and streamlines an otherwise time-consuming and manual review.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable the Coronavirus Tax Relief Guide may easily integrate updates to certain tax deferral schemes.

How it works


Go through Q&A

The user is guided through a customizable and user-friendly questionnaire which gathers all relevant information. The inputs then determine the relevant tax deferral schemes.


Receive further advice

Depending on the outcome, the tool will then provide the user with advice and guidance with respect to the relevant application process.


Keep up to date

The open architecture of the BRYTER platform allows the application to be updated continuously in the background ensuring that the results are always in-line with amendments of the tax deferral schemes.

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