Dawn Raid App

Safely guide your staff through authority interactions

Dawn Raid App

The Dawn Raid App is a compliance tool that guides employees through essential information needed in the event of a dawn raid by antitrust authorities.

It includes actionable advice for before, during and after a dawn raid as well as the subsequent investigation. It also outlines key information about a user’s obligations and rights to ensure the company cooperates fully, whilst minimizing disruption and protecting the company’s legal position. The app is an ideal tool to train employees and role-play what to do when a dawn raid occurs. Companies may reach out to external legal counsels directly via the app to receive support.


As dawn raids become increasingly common with authorities imposing significant fines and inspectors appearing simultaneously at different locations in different countries, at different companies (competitors, suppliers, customers) and even the private homes of managers and employees, it’s vital that employees can easily access guidance and support. When employees need advice immediately and at the same time, the company’s legal counsel is not able to sufficiently provide individual advice in time which increases the risk of non-compliant behavior.

With BRYTER, legal departments and law firms can build an application that assists anyone from a receptionist to a manager in the event of a dawn raid. Through an interactive questionnaire, the user first identifies the nature of the raid and other relevant factors. Based on the inputs given, the tool offers specific guidelines and instructions on what to do, whom to contact and how to cooperate with the authorities. The modular logic of our no-code app builder allows the questionnaire to be adapted to the user’s answers in a scenario-based manner in order to cover many possible circumstances and country specific obligations broken down by authority. The resulting guidance also includes a list of frequently asked questions. If required, the app can be built to include a specific alert feature that notifies the company’s external legal counsel to provide further guidance.


Automated & standardized

The Dawn Raid App automates the instructions for employees in the event of a dawn raid. It thereby ensures consistency in the support employees receive across the whole organization.

Quick and actionable advice

The Dawn Raid App provides the user with clear instructions on how to act so in-house legal teams can be sure all employees receive the advice they need when they need it.

Centralized audit trail

Within the Dawn Raid App, all relevant input data and shared guidance is collected and compiled in a database. This information provides valuable insights to the company to help prepare and train employees for the future.


The Dawn Raid App can easily be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure and is available on mobile devices for quick access.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable, the Dawn Raid App may reflect a company’s unique policies, processes and codes of conduct.

How it works


Answer questions

Through a customizable and user-friendly questionnaire all relevant data is collected and processed. This allows the Dawn Raid App to guide the user step-by-step in a context specific manner.


Receive advice

The user receives tailored advice that accounts for country-specific requirements and explains the required the actions step-by-step. The tool can be connected with other processes (email, text messages to lawyers) to streamline the process of responding to dawn raids.


Understand patterns

A dashboard enables the company to keep track of all information received and provided during a dawn raid. This data provides valuable insights and context for the company to offer tailored dawn raid trainings to employees.

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