Employee Holiday Management

Automatically manage holiday approvals and rejections

Vacation Application Tool

The Employee Holiday Management Software fully automates the application for and approval of vacation days to streamline the process of employees and HR exchanging emails to request and grant vacation days.

With BRYTER, HR departments can do away with the cumbersome and manual process of dealing with such requests. The Employee Holiday Management allows employees to make a request with just a few clicks.

The HR department and respective supervisor is automatically notified able to approve or reject the request. With our HR automation tool, the approval flow can be tailored to the HR department’s needs and to reflect the latest vacation policies. In this way, the HR department has full control over the process.

How it works


Provide information

The user provides the desired vacation dates and other details such as the department and role he or she works in.


Get approval

The tool assesses the inputs against the company’s vacation policy and immediately informs the user if his or her request is approved or not. If a manual approval is needed from a person of higher authority, the tool contacts such person(s) automatically. It also integrates with any existing HR software.


Stay informed

A short summary containing the user’s inputs and the approval decision are automatically stored for future reference. The tool enables HR departments to save time otherwise spent on a low-value task and gives them complete control over the vacation application process.

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