Employment Verification Letter Generator

Automate the generation of employment verification letters

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The Employment Verification Letter Generator enables HR staff to issue employment verification letters at a fraction of the time it would take to draft them manually. It provides an end-to-end solution that automatically drafts the letter, requests approvals and integrates with e-signing tools.

Employees typically need such letters for different purposes, such as visa applications, banking, etc., but drafting these documents is repetitive, time-consuming, and low-value for the already overwhelmed HR department.

How manual document creation affects HR 

HR today needs to focus on both strategic questions and take care of day-to-day operations. However, manual work, including manually producing verification letters puts a significant strain on the HR capacity.  

On the one hand, they need to address these requests, which although important, have less business impact than strategic HR work, and as a result, the overall employee satisfaction. The more manual work HR needs to take care of, the less time they have available to work on talent development and employee job satisfaction. This is why many HR departments look to find ways to automate HR processes across the company.

Automate employment verification letter writing 

With BRYTER, companies can build an Employment Verification Letter Generator that automatically drafts these letters in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually.  

The user is guided through a short questionnaire and, based on this data, the tool populates fields within the letter.  

As a result, the employment verification letter is generated by our HR automation software, signed and sent to the recipient without the need for word processing software. 

This means less time spent on manual, error-prone work for the HR department, while allowing employees across the company to self-serve and receive the document required in real-time and without having to wait on the manual drafting and approval of the verification document. Plus, all the verification letters can be fully customized to meet your house style documentation.


Faster, on-brand execution

Employee Verification Letter reduces the time the HR department spends on generating verification letters, that are in line with in-house brand guidelines and templates.

Automated & standardized

Using automation and modular logic, the Employee Verification Letter automates and standardizes document creation for all types of employment requests and ensures compliance with internal and legal requirements, from local labor laws to industry best practice.

Integration with existing HR software

The Employment Verification Letter Generator easily integrateswith theexisting contract management systems and HR tools such as Workable, Prescreen or Greenhouse.

How it works


Collect input

The user inputs all necessary information into an interactive questionnaire where all information is collected.


Generate draft

The tool automatically generates a customized letter based on the user’s inputs. When integrated with the company’s HR database, the tool automatically accesses the required employee information to populate the fields of the letter template.


Download letter

The final version of the letter can be downloaded or directly sent for approval. BRYTER’s integration with DocuSign and other e-signing tools allows users to request signatures directly via the app.

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