Expenses Reimbursement Tool

Receive, manage and approve employee expenses

The Expenses Reimbursement Tool automates the process of filing expenses and claiming reimbursement from employers.

Employees often have to go through their employer’s reimbursement and expense policies to find out which expenses can be reimbursed. They then have to manually submit receipts to an internal department for reimbursement. This process is time consuming and tedious for everyone involved.

With BRYTER, companies can build a user-friendly tool that automatically takes care of identifying and claiming reimbursements for employees. The user inputs all the expenses he or she has incurred via an interactive questionnaire. The input is assessed by our accounting automation too according to the modular logic built within to reflect the company’s specific reimbursement policy. Reimbursable expenses are automatically forwarded to the relevant departments along with a confirmation to the user. Users can also easily upload scans and pictures of their receipts directly via the tool.

How it works


Provide details

The user submits the reimbursement details via an interactive questionnaire that also allows for the upload of relevant receipts.


Receive reimbursements

The tool evaluates the expenses submitted based on the underlying logic that reflects the internal expenses policy. The reimbursable expenses are identified and forwarded with the receipts to the Accounting department. The user is informed if any of his or her expenses are not eligible for reimbursement.


Be informed

A summary is emailed to the user for future reference. The tool enables HR and Finance departments to save valuable time and effort on assessing individual receipts. It can be easily updated to reflect any changes in the expense policy of the company and can be integrated with internal HR software.

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