Holiday Entitlement Calculator

Submit, track and calculate your holidays easily

The Paid Vacation Calculator automates the task of calculating the number of paid vacation days an employee is entitled to per year.

Companies often have complex formulas in place to calculate holiday entitlement depending on the level and role of the employee as well as the amount of vacation days carried over from previous years among other factors. Calculating these individual holiday entitlements is a cumbersome and low-value task for the HR department.

With BRYTER, companies can build an easy-to-use Holiday Entitlement Calculator that automatically calculates the holiday entitlement for employees. The user inputs information via an interactive questionnaire and the tool then uses these inputs to calculate the number of outstanding paid vacation days for the year. Based on evolving vacation policies, the underlying logic and calculation of our HR automation tool can easily be updated by the HR department to maintain full control over the paid vacation checking process. The results can be integrated with any existing HR software.

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How it works


Provide information

The user is guided through an interactive and user-friendly questionnaire. The underlying logic ensures all necessary details are collected to make the assessment.


Get assessment

The tool assesses these inputs and automatically determines the remaining holiday entitlement available for the user along with other details such as expiry of vacation days.


Maintain control

The modular logic and calculation can easily be tailored to fit the company’s holiday policy. The HR department is able to standardize the holiday entitlement calculation has complete control over the process.

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