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Assess compliance with April 2021 rules

IR35 Contractor

The IR35 Contractor Checker helps to assess the impact of the April 2021 changes to IR35 for companies who employ contractors by guiding users through an interactive questionnaire.

The IR35 Contractor Checker helps to assess the impact of the April 2021 changes to IR35 for companies who employ contractors. The IR35 Contractor Checker guides users through an interactive questionnaire to help determine the impact of the April 2021 changes to IR35. The tool can be easily adapted and customized to different industries and contractor types. The tool also determines – based on a sophisticated risk logic model – the employment status of a contractor under the new regulation.


On 6 April 2021, the new off-payroll working rules came into effect, with the consequence that the duty of complying with the off-payroll working rules shifts from the individual contractors and their PSCs to the businesses that engage the services of contractors.

The new rules mandate these businesses are now responsible for: ​

  • deciding whether the new rules apply to a contractor; and ​
  • deducting the employment taxes and National Insurance contributions of the contractor. ​

The IR35 Contractor Checker enables companies to quickly establish if they are affected by the changes. Moreover, it enables the affected companies to quickly identify the tasks required to ensure the company is compliant and complete the required determinations for engaged contractors.

For more information please see GOV.UK.


Automated & standardized

The IR35 Contractor Checker helps automatically determine the applicability of the new changes under IR35 along with the necessary next steps. It also ensures a consistent approach to determining the employment type of each engaged contractor.

Faster execution

Save up to 90% of time ascertaining the impact of IR35 and speed up the process of dealing with all necessary steps resulting from such changes including, documenting the necessary determinations. The IR35 Contractor Checker enables you to dramatically reduce the time and cost involved in consulting with someone internally or externally for every new hiring decision.


The IR35 Contractor Checker can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure.

24/7 availability

The IR35 Contractor Checker can be accessed by anyone at any time regardless of the time of request and its scope.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is highly customizable. The IR35 Contractor Checker can reflect unique policies, processes and risk treatments. The BRYTER platform gives unparalleled opportunities for customization.

How it works


Collect input

Through a customizable, user-friendly and interactive questionnaire, all relevant data is collected and processed. It enables you to quickly establish whether a business will be impacted by the April 2021 changes to IR35.


Expand the functionality

Additionally, the tool can be used for IR35 assessments and issue determinations to individual contractors. This process can also be customized to align with a business’s specific processes (email, approvals etc.) and automatically generate all the emails and documentation required to complete the process.


Get insights

A dashboard allows HR and legal colleagues to see at a glance the number of internal IR35 assessments completed to date and the determinations of these assessments, ensuring that compliance with the new rules can easily be tracked.

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