Jurisdiction Assessor

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Jurisdiction Assessor

Litigators spend valuable time on manually identifying the competent court in which to file their suit. The Jurisdiction Assessor automates this task of identifying the correct court and venue – taking into account hierarchy, subject matter and geography.

The Jurisdiction Assessor automates the otherwise onerous task of identifying the correct court and venue to file a suit in terms of hierarchy, subject matter and geography. This saves valuable time for litigating lawyers who often spend hours manually identifying the competent court in which to file their suit.

With BRYTER, law firms can build a Jurisdiction Assessor that automatically identifies the competent court for a given lawsuit. Using an interactive questionnaire, the user inputs details relating to the suit which allows the tool to collect the data required to make an accurate assessment. Based on the provided information, the jurisdiction is automatically identified which eliminates the need for manual research. If the rules of filing change over time, the tool can easily be amended using the open architecture of the BRYTER platform to reflect such changes. This ensures a consistent process for all users and reduces the risk of human error.

How it works


Provide information

The user who needs to determine the competent court is guided through an interactive questionnaire to enter the relevant details regarding the suit. The underlying logic of the questionnaire ensures all relevant aspects of the suit are considered, such as the headquarters or home addresses of the parties, the value of the suit and the subject matter.


Receive assessment

The tool assesses the inputs and automatically determines the correct court or venue in which to file the suit.


Generate report

A report containing the user’s inputs and a short summary of the reasoning behind the identification of the court or venue is generated for download. A copy of the assessment can automatically be uploaded to any internal document management system for future reference.

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