Panel Law Firm Navigator

Find and instruct pre-approved external council

Panel Law Firm Navigator

The Panel Law Firm Navigator helps corporate legal counsels and other employees to navigate internal guidelines governing the engagement of their company’s panel law firms.

It collects all necessary information regarding the type and scope of work from internal departments and assesses whether a panel law firm should be assigned. It further guides the user through all necessary steps regarding the mandating of the selected law firm and highlights special circumstances, such as whether there is an alternative fee arrangement in place. In case an off-panel law firm needs to be mandated, the tool can automatically hand overall collected information to a Senior Legal Counsel or the General Counsel along with an approval request. The built-in feedback mechanism further allows the user to evaluate the external legal counsel’s performance on an ongoing basis.


Many companies, financial institutions and governmental bodies have established law firm panels. These panels usually consist of several pre-approved law firms to be mandated if external legal counsel is required. In addition, these companies often have internal guidelines in place that determine which steps are to be taken when mandating a panel law firm and which factors are to be considered when mandating an off-panel law firm. Handling this process manually can become very complex and cumbersome, especially if input is required from different specialist departments within the organization.

With BRYTER no-code platform, legal departments of organizations with an established law firm panel can build a law firm software which streamlines and automates the process of selecting and mandating external legal counsel. Through an interactive interface which can be made available, e.g. via an organization’s intranet, all relevant information regarding the type and scope of legal work is collected. This information is then automatically assessed against the internal panel guidelines and a panel law firm is assigned to the matter, if required. Our no-code app builder then automatically determines the required steps for mandating the law firm along with special circumstances, e.g. whether there is an alternative fee arrangement in place. If none of the panel law firms possess the expertise required, the tool can also navigate the user through the process of mandating off-panel law firms.

To streamline approval requests, this can also be combined with automated handovers to Senior Legal Counsels or the General Counsel, establishing a seamless process. A built-in feedback mechanism further allows the user to evaluate the performance of panel law firms on an ongoing basis with our law firm software.

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Automated & Standardized

Build a clear, consistent process for selecting and mandating external legal counsel. Standardize the process with a configurable workflow that contains all information regarding the engagement of a given panel law firm, including alternative fee arrangements.

Faster Execution

Save up to 90% of time allocating resources and requesting external legal services. Improve response and cycle times, enhancing your performance. Free up time to focus on the most valuable matters.

Transparent overview

Create a complete record and audit trail of all requests for and engagement of external legal counsel. Obtain feedback regarding their performance and quality of work on an ongoing basis.


The Panel Law Firm Navigator can be integrated into an organization’s existing IT infrastructure, establishing a seamless workflow across departments.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is customizable. The Panel Law Firm Navigator may reflect your company’s unique policies and processes. The unique BRYTER platform gives unparalleled opportunities for customization.

How it works


Collect information

Through a customizable and user-friendly interactive questionnaire, all relevant data regarding the request for external legal advice is collected and processed. All necessary data and information can be collected as part of the initial request in a scenario-based manner, which removes the need for follow-up requests for missing information.


Mandate law firm

All collected data and information regarding the request is automatically matched with the existing list of panel law firms and their service offerings. If no panel law firm can offer the required type of legal advice, the user is guided through the process of mandating an off-panel law firm.


Record feedback

While the mandated law firm is working on the matter, all involved persons from different departments within the organization can give feedback on the law firm’s performance and quality of work directly in the tool. Through a customizable dashboard, the General Counsel can gain valuable insights in relation to the performance of the existing panel law firms at any given time.

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