Lease Generator

Prepare and issue leases and related documents in a fast, effective and consistent manner

Case Management Assistant

The Lease Generator is designed to prepare and issue leases and related documents in a fast, effective and consistent manner, all in customizable house style.

Users enter the relevant information in an intuitive interface which guides them through the process of preparing leases and any necessary licences, statutory declarations and other relevant documents. The Lease Generator can be adapted and customized to suit all manner of pre-leasing and leasing including agreements for lease and office, retail, leisure, warehouse and residential lettings.


Preparing leases can be a time consuming and low margin exercise. The Lease Generator turns a paper form process into an interactive and automated tool which automates all the documents necessary based on the way the user answers the questions. In doing so, our document automation tool can streamline both the lease as well as any other necessary documents, such as a licence to alter, all at once via a single questionnaire.


Automated & standardized

The Lease Generator automates and streamlines the production of a great array of different property documents. The user can ensure consistency in content and approach to issuing leases and related documents by simply providing standardized answers to each question. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to estate management.

Faster execution

Save up to 75% of time preparing leases and supplementary documents in an individual house style.


The Lease Generator can be easily integrated with existing data bases, document management systems or content libraries and is able to draw on existing client templates.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is highly customizable. Thus, the Lease Generator can reflect the unique way in which agreements for lease, leases and supplementary documents are prepared.

How it works


Import precedents

Import house style approved lease and document precedents into the tool while connecting it to an interface and sophisticated logical flow. This allows users to standardize the process of creating these documents and delivering time saving, consistency and risk management benefits.


Generate drafts

The user of the application can access it through a variety of devices to generate legally accurate drafts without the need to consult more experienced lawyers. The flow through the application can be intertwined with other processes (email, approvals, etc.) to streamline the overall document generation process.


Monitor usage

A dashboard allows management a complete overview of all documents generated and the key terms within them, while the documents themselves are generated independently by employees. This helps the monitoring of the usage of the application and easy report generation.

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