Board Minutes Template Generator

Draft, approve and distribute board minutes to all parties in a single workflow

A Board Minutes Generator automates the process of recording the minutes of a board meeting of a company.

In most countries, it is a legal requirement to record and share the minutes of a board meeting. This cumbersome manual task is prone to error and delays when done manually. With a Board Minutes Generator, companies can ensure that compliant and error free board meeting minutes are generated, approved and shared in a timely fashion. The person tasked with the duty of recording the minutes is guided through various steps to ensure all the necessary details are recorded in the minutes of the meeting without errors.

The minutes of the meeting can also be approved, shared and saved for future reference from within the tool without having to send additional emails. The tasks performed by BRYTER no-code platform Board Minutes Generator can be edited to suit an individual company’s practices. The minutes can also be generated in the house-style of the company with our document automation software.

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How it works


Input data

The user appointed to take down the minutes enters all the details of the meeting into the tool via the questionnaire. The exhaustive list of questions ensures that all the important elements of the board meeting are captured in the record.


Generate minutes

The tool records the inputs given by the user in the right format into the company’s board minutes template which is integrated in the tool. The tool also integrates with other software like DocuSign to enable signing of the minutes.


Archive copy

A copy of the minutes is automatically saved in the company’s database for future reference. The tool enables companies to establish a standard process for recording, approving and sharing the minutes of board meetings, adding to the company’s internal compliance efforts.

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