Power of Attorney Assessor

Determine authorized signatories with regard to specific documents

Corporate representation assessor

As a self-serve solution, the Corporate Representation Assessor assists users in determining who can act as authorized signatory regarding a specific document.

The Power of Attorney Assessor assists users in determining who can act as authorized signatory with regard to a specific document. While functioning as a self-serve solution for business users, legal departments maintain full control over the tool’s decision logic. By automating this assessment, business users are able to define signatories themselves more quickly and this saves valuable time for legal departments.


Companies of a certain size often have complex representation structures in place that determine the thresholds and types of representative powers each authorized signatory holds. For employees who do not hold these powers, navigating through internal signatory guidelines to determine which persons can individually or jointly represent the company can become a burdensome task. This leads to the legal departments receiving a high volume of similar enquiries to determine authorized signatories on a case-by-case basis. 

With BRYTER no-code platform, companies can build a digital Power of Attorney Assessor that automates the task of determining the authorized signatory or signatories for a specific document. The tool acts as a digital representation of the internal signature guidelines and takes the user through an interactive questionnaire. Based on these inputs, the tool is able to provide the user with the names of the required signatories. The modular logic of our document automation tool determines whether specific approvals, thresholds or signature directives apply. 

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Automated & standardized

The Power of Attorney Assessor allows all business users to automatically determine which joint or individual approval and signature workflow applies for a certain document.


By automating the assessment process the Power of Attorney Assessor reduces the number of requests the legal departments receive regarding corporate representation.


The Power of Attorney Assessor can easily be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and other tools such as DocuSign to provide a seamless signature workflow.

24/7 availability

The Power of Attorney Assessor can be accessed by users at any given time and thereby decouples the availability of legal advice from the legal department’s personal resources.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable, the Power of Attorney Assessor may reflect a company’s unique corporate representation guidelines and internal processes.

How it works


Provide information

Through a user-friendly and interactive questionnaire, the tool identifies the applicable approval signature workflow.


Receive guidance

An actionable output clearly instructs the user on whom to contact and which steps to follow. Identified approvers and signatories can be directly notified via email.


Work end-to-end

The Power of Attorney Assessor provides an end-to-end solution allowing the user to identify approvers and signatories, hand over the document in the correct approval order and receive a signed version via DocuSign.

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