Terms and Conditions Generator

Instantly generate terms and conditions for competitions and prize draws

A Terms and Conditions Generator lets marketing departments draft the necessary terms and conditions for a prize draw or competition that are up-to-date and in line with both advertising regulation and their company’s policies without having to consult the legal department.

By introducing a standardized and self-serve process, it replaces the need for the legal department to review each competition manually as marketing users can only create competitions and prize draws that operate within rules and parameters that are maintained by the legal department. The tool also puts approval processes in place should the user require approval of ‘higher risk’ competition mechanics such as requiring a purchase to enter or allowing for the submission of User Generated Content (UGC). The open architecture of the BRYTER platform allows the legal department to continuously review and update the terms and conditions that business users have access to.


Marketing departments often wish to run competitions or prize draws as part of their marketing activity but often fall into difficulty ensured competitions are run in a compliant manner and the correct terms and conditions are available. Legal departments of these companies either receive a high volume of similar enquiries from the marketing teams that, without a standardized process in place, can add substantial workload or risk having competitions being run without the correct terms and conditions in place.

With BRYTER no-code platform, legal departments can build a Terms and Conditions Generator that lets marketing users self-serve terms and conditions for competitions and prize draws while maintaining control of what terms are being set. As the user goes through an interactive questionnaire, the modular logic of the tool selects the applicable template and terms, which can be triggered by information such as the competition’s entry method or whether a purchase is required to enter the competition.  Legal departments can easily maintain and update the integrated templates and terms as well as the underlying logic. The no-code app builder constitutes a scalable solution for marketing teams and overwhelmed legal operations departments and ensures consistency across all generated terms and conditions.

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Self-serve & Standardized

With a Terms and Conditions Generator, fully compliant sets of competition terms and conditions are generated on a self-serve basis. Legal departments can ensure consistency by maintaining full control of the templates and rules.

Faster Execution

Compared to manual processes, a Terms and Conditions Generator lets users generate competition terms and conditions significantly faster, eliminating unnecessary back and forth between departments.


The Terms and Conditions Generator can easily be integrated into a company’s existing systems such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams for ease of access.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable, the Terms and Conditions Generator can accommodate a company’s internal policies and local advertising and competition regulations.

How it works


Go through Q&A

Through a customizable and user-friendly questionnaire, all relevant information about the competition is collected. Using these inputs, the tool determines the applicable template and terms based on information such as the entry method and whether a purchase is required to enter.


Generate a contract

A draft set of custom competition terms and conditions are generated and are immediately available for download for the marketing employee to use for the competition. If necessary, more complex or high-risk competitions can be escalated to an appropriate person in the legal department for further review.


Maintain overview

A dashboard allows the legal department to track and record all competitions and the generated terms and conditions for their record. This helps to hold marketing employees accountable to the correct competition process and offers metrics on overall risk reduction.

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