Hogan Lovells Simplifies Encryption Compliance with BRYTER 

Hogan Lovells

Discover Hogan Lovells’ Encryption Assistant, the comprehensive solution for managing encryption compliance and avoiding costly violations.

Hogan Lovells, a global law firm with over 2,800 lawyers across six continents, has released its latest digital legal tool, the Encryption Assistant, built using the BRYTER automation platform. The Encryption Assistant, produced by the Hogan Lovells’ International Trade & Investment group, is designed to be a user-friendly one-stop solution to provide comprehensive advice on how encryption software, hardware, and source code are controlled under U.S. export control laws. 

Guiding clients through the encryption classification process 

The Hogan Lovells Encryption Assistant helps businesses, legal professionals, and compliance professionals support and manage internal encryption classification process by guiding them through the encryption classification analysis using a simple but powerful questionnaire. This questionnaire helps clients identify reporting obligations and when reports are due. It also helps organizations maintain and manage encryption classifications and supporting documents in one place.  

 With the increasing complexity of encryption regulations, businesses often face challenges in understanding and complying with these regulations. The Hogan Lovells Encryption Assistant offers valuable knowledge and resources that empower users to make informed decisions about encryption and comply with all obligations. The tool comes in two options, free and bespoke, so users can choose the most suitable package for their specific needs. 

“We’re thrilled to be launching this innovative legal technology to aid in clients’ critical encryption needs,” said Ajay Kuntamukkala, co-leader of the International Trade & Investment group.

“We’re confident our bespoke version, which will offer clients the ability to download encryption data in multiple formats and to individually assign and allocate encryption assessments to certain members of an organization, will also be attractive to a number of clients across sectors.” 

A comprehensive one-stop solution 

Hogan Lovells' Encryption Assistant

The Hogan Lovells Encryption Assistant is available now to simplify the encryption compliance process and help users avoid costly compliance violations.  

You can check out the Hogan Lovells Encryption Assistant here

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