BRYTER is an Advanced Solution in new Hyperion Report on low/no code workflow automation

Blog header showing Hyperion awarding BRYTER the award of advanced solution for workflow automation.

Hyperion Research, an Epiq Company, has today published its 2024 MarketViewTM Report on Low/No Code Workflow Automation for Corporate Legal Departments, identifying BRYTER as an Advanced Solution.

Hyperion’s MarketViewTM Report on Low/Nocode Workflow Automation provides a comprehensive review of market trends and leading solutions for corporate legal departments. In it they researched 19 vendors, categorising them as either a “Market Participant”, “Market Notable” or “Advanced Solution”. BRYTER is one of the vendors categorised as an Advanced Solution.

Hyperion’s findings highlight BRYTER’s focus on “legal, compliance and regulatory requirements” and its “enterprise-ready capabilities”. The report highlights how easy it is to create customized workflows using BRYTER with its “user-friendly, no code workflow builder and drag-and-drop interface”, while also noting the more advanced functionality like seamless movements between testing and live environments, document generation features including our MS Word plug-in, integrations and database connection capabilities.

Hyperion Research also awards BRYTER special recognition for Market Development due to our “extensive thought leadership” and insights promoting workflow automation and helping potential buyers make the case for investing in this type of technology.

Workflow automation is key to what we do at BRYTER. To be recognized as one of the industry’s market leaders and an Advanced Solution by Hyperion Research is a huge achievement. Our vision has always been to empower legal teams in corporations and law firms through workflow automation. To be recognized by our hundreds of customers, as well as the wider legal industry, is testament to how strong our product has become today.

Michael Grupp, CEO, BRYTER 

BRYTER is among the advanced solutions on the market in the low/no code workflow automation category. BRYTER’s strong understanding of the legal industry, enterprise-ready capabilities and user-friendly interface is helping propel low/no code workflow automation adoption. Over the past few years, we’ve seen BRYTER expand globally, but not at the cost of client service. Indeed, our interviews found very satisfied clients – several of whom claim to be BRYTER’s favorite.”

Catherine Moynihan, Sr. Director, Strategic Intelligence & Advisory, Hyperion Global Partners

To access the 2024 MarketView ReportTM, visit Hyperion Research here.


BRYTER is the automation platform that enables law firms and legal departments to work more efficiently and provide a better client service with pre-built workflows, document automation and self-service applications. Legal teams use the platform to automate complex, recurring decisions and workflows, all without programming. Law firms like DLA Piper and Linklaters, as well companies like McDonald’s, Telefónica and ING Bank use BRYTER to provide faster, more accurate legal services. 

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Hyperion Research, an Epiq company, is the industry’s leading source for Legal Solutions Market Intelligence. Hyperion provides unparalleled insight into the leading trends in legal strategy, operations, and technology. Hyperion Research maintains full editorial independence over all research reports, findings and other analyst work product. Its coverage of vendors is based on their significance in the market and Hyperion does not accept any remuneration in exchange for participation in the MarketViewTM Research program and reports.

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