BRYTER leads on completeness of document automation features  

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Legaltech Hub has recognized BRYTER as a Contender in the category of document automation and as a leader on feature fulfilment in its competitive analysis of over 150 vendors.

Legaltech Hub (LTH), the provider of a global directory of legal technology solutions and services has published a comprehensive Competitive Analysis of Document Automation. LTH evaluated over 150 vendors with relevant market presence in the legal, compliance, and regulatory space and benchmarked their software offerings on document automation. BRYTER is ranked as a Contender on Document Automation.

LTH created its Competitive Analysis quadrant based on three variables: 

  1. Maturity and market penetration (X axis); 
  2. Completeness of features (Y axis); 
  3. Stability with respect to funding level, financial status and security profile (size of bubble). 

On completeness of document automation features, BRYTER, a platform traditionally recognized for its workflow capabilities, leads alongside legacy systems like Contract Express and HotDocs, and point solution, Document Drafter.

“As an automation platform designed for law firms and legal departments, we have over the past five years invested heavily in our document automation capabilities knowing this is critical for our customers. That’s why we are so proud to be recognized as leading on completeness of features by Legaltech Hub after their comprehensive market analysis.”

Michael Grupp, CEO, BRYTER 

You can download LTH’s full Document Automation Competitive Analysis here.


BRYTER is the automation platform that enables law firms and legal departments to work more efficiently and provide a better client service with pre-built workflows, document automation and self-service applications. Legal teams use the platform to automate complex, recurring decisions and workflows, all without programming. Law firms like DLA Piper and Linklaters, as well companies like McDonald’s, Telefónica and ING Bank use BRYTER to provide faster, more accurate legal services. 

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