Leading Brazilian Firm Mattos Filho Partners with BRYTER to Build Digital Client Solutions

Mattos Filho

Mattos Filho, leading Brazilian law firm with over 800 lawyers globally, has partnered with BRYTER, the no-code legal automation platform to deliver digital solutions to their clients.  

Innovation is one of the core pillars of the firm, and as such, Lisa Worcman, Partner at Mattos Filho who leads their technology and innovation program, was committed to finding the best-in-class solution in the market.  

We speak to her about why Mattos Filho is building digital solutions for clients, and why they chose BRYTER for the job. 

Servicing more client needs 

“We believe in taking a proactive approach to servicing our clients’ challenges. We anticipate their needs in advance and look to the best way to solve them. Sometimes this means using technology. Building digital solutions on BRYTER allows us to service a broader range of our clients’ needs and helps ensure that our clients are in compliance with Brazilian law,” explains Lisa.   

Demystifying programming for lawyers 

The key to digital legal solutions is being able to bridge the gap between legal experts who have the content, and developers who can turn that content into a digital product. “BRYTER brings our lawyers closer to technology and empowers them to be part of the process in developing digital client solutions,” explains Lisa. “BRYTER is an incredibly intuitive platform. I haven’t seen anything like it in the market.”  

And why is this important?

“Our lawyers know our clients best. When they can be actively involved in the building process, as they are with BRYTER, there are no ‘lost in translation’ moments. This means a better digital legal product, built faster.” 

Reduce the costs of building software 

Mattos Filho

One of the biggest barriers to building software is time and money. The cost of hiring a software developer to build a solution, and the time involved in a lengthy scoping, designing, building, and testing project is often too great. BRYTER changed this. 

“With BRYTER, it’s faster, easier and cheaper to build digital legal solutions for our clients. We don’t need to procure budget and hire software developers,” explains Lisa. “Now, we can develop solutions that we might not otherwise have done due to time and costs constraints.” 

The cutting edge of legal services 

While only at the start of their journey building digital solutions, Lisa Worcman and the Mattos Filho team have already identified a number of client pain points they will be solving with digital applications. Watch this space! 

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