New MS Word Add-in to create document templates

Microsoft Word

The BRYTER MS Word Add-in enables anyone to create document templates in minutes, all within Microsoft Word.

We are where our customers work.

And we know that many of our customers work in Microsoft Word, which is why we are excited to announce our latest feature update: the BRYTER MS Word Add-in.

Create templates where you create documents.

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is the opportunity to manage your company’s contracts from initiation through execution, performance and renewal. The BRYTER MS Word Add-in enables you to access BRYTER templating commands for placeholders and more, directly from Microsoft Word to create document templates in minutes. 

Using BRYTER, you can set up document automation creation with BRYTER modules filled with user input and data. This simple process just got easier. With the MS Word-Add in, you can access BRYTER template commands directly in your Microsoft Word document.  

BRYTER is the no-code service automation platform. Many services, whether they are legal and compliance, or HR and healthcare, involve creating documents, forms or letters. With BRYTER no-code app builder this process can be streamlined.

Microsoft Word

How it works

The MS Word Add-in gives you quick and easy access to all of the BRYTER placeholders and commands that can be used inside your Word template. The Add-in is optional – you can still create placeholders and commands manually.

All you need to use this new feature is Microsoft 365. To get started you simply add a new Add-In from within the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre.

With the Add-in installed and visible on your Word toolbar ribbon, you can access the BRYTER MS Word Add-in and copy the elements including placeholders, comments, columns, rows and other conditional elements into the template with the click of a button.

Microsoft Word

They form the basis of a huge number of BRYTER-created documents, and you can now create even more thanks to the new Add-in.

For more information: to find out more about this feature and how BRYTER helps teams deliver knowledge digitally, sign up for a demo.

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