BRYTER is a perfect tool to deal with the highly relevant yet unpredictable challenges of Brexit.

Brexit – the process, framework and its consequences – remains undefined.  

But for companies in the UK and in (continental) Europe there will undoubtedly be changes in the not too distant future that may be significant.  

Businesses will have to adapt to a new regulatory framework and will have to integrate significant changes for daily operations and handling into corporate processes.  

Existing knowledge banks and applications will have to be re-written or changed altogether. Precedents will very likely need to be updated and, documents repapered to deal with changes to terms and provisions, such as: governing law, currency, jurisdiction, payments, and change of law. To deal with these changes, companies will need to understand their risk exposure and the overall regulatory situation to effectively prepare for what lies ahead. 

This is where BRYTER comes in.

As a no-code automation toolbox geared towards regulatory professionals, BRYTER is perfectly suited to deal with the highly relevant yet unpredictable challenges of Brexit and is the tool of choice for a number of industry leaders in law, consultancy and business.  

BRYTER is tried and tested and is currently being used to assist professionals across a number of industry sectors dealing with what will be one of the largest regulatory change processes of modern times, including: 

  • As a component of repapering solutions, analyzing, altering and redacting documents in light of regulatory changes (used in both fully or partly automated) solutions; 
  • Decision support engines for Brexit-related questions; 
  • Self-service document generation;  
  • Self-contained repapering solutions; and 
  • Risk analytics to better understand the overall risk associated with your document set. 

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