CCPA compliance


BRYTER can be used by to develop automated systems to react to data breaches effectively as well as assess the overall impact of the CCPA on businesses.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into force on 1st January 2020. It requires organizations to “implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices”. The CCPA is comparable to the European GDPR, enhancing privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California, United States but it is focused on the resale of personal data while GDPR requirements are broader.

The CCPA applies to any business, including any for-profit entity that collects consumers’ personal data, which does business in California, and satisfies at least one of the following thresholds:

  • Has annual gross revenues in excess of $25 million;
  • Buys or sells personal information of 100,000 or more consumers or households; or
  • Earns more than half of its annual revenue from selling consumers’ personal information.

There are many challenges in reaching CCPA compliance including:

  • Determining compliance by having an overview of how marketing, external agencies and vendors and consumer engagement practices are collecting data
  • The continued use of manual processes, providing more opportunities for human errors

This is where BRYTER comes in.

BRYTER can be used by organizations to develop automated systems that help them react to data breaches quickly and effectively as well as assess the overall impact of the CCPA on their businesses. By using our no-code platform, organisations can embed CCPA compliance into their business processes without the need for programming expertise. By automating data discovery and request processing, organizations can unearth efficiencies and ensure compliance.

BRYTER can help by:

  • Creating a Subject Rights Request Assistant to enable organizations to easily gather all information necessary to verify a person’s identify, find their data and records on their systems, and respond to a request within the statutory timeframe.
  • Enabling Californian consumers to easily opt-out and invoke their right to be forgotten if your company is holding their data
  • Providing a greater insight to the data that your organization does not require for its business – enabling you to delete this data and prevent users from archiving it.
  • Impact: BRYTER offers rich user analytics to understand how business users are interacting with your compliance applications
  • Customized output: BRYTER combines logic with content to generate bespoke outputs such as documents, reports, emails etc.
  • Connected: BRYTER can connect to existing IT-infrastructure and data bases to formulate structured data
  • Integrated: BRYTER is interoperable and integrates with all major tech providers to enable you to create integrated solutions for your compliance needs
  • Enterprise-ready: BRYTER meets the highest standards of performance and security

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