Accident Investigation Assistant

Allow employees to report accidents easily and manage or escalate them internally

An Accident Investigation Assistant is designed to provide a quick, thorough and consistent approach for your business when reporting, investigating and responding to both customer and employee accidents.

BRYTER’s no-code platform enables you to easily automate your entire accident investigation process and response. It uses sophisticated logic to enable you to tailor the questions raised as well as the resulting actions or escalation based on the type, severity and location of the accident. An Accident Investigation Assistant can be adapted and customized to suit your company’s locations, risks and accident response process.


In order to effectively defend personal injury claims from both customers and employees, it is essential to properly investigate an accident and gather all relevant evidence to determine the root cause. Many employees responsible for dealing with accidents receive little training in how to best conduct an accident investigation and are under great time pressure, leading to many filed accident investigations containing little detail and minimal mitigating evidence. 

Escalation processes, such as, reporting the accident to a company’s head office or filing a RIDDOR to HSE, are often manually carried out and require accident responders or investigators to judge for themselves the best way to handle a situation. This leads to inconsistencies in approach and potential non-compliance with the law. 

An Accident Investigation Assistant solves these problems by guiding the investigator through an interactive questionnaire to gather all the necessary details and evidence required based on the type of accident. This prompts the user to gather critical evidence such as photos and witness statements. In doing so, our business reporting software automates the way accidents are dealt with and escalated to help ensure consistency in the reporting and investigation process.  


Automated & standardized

An Accident Investigation Assistant automates and streamlines the process of reporting, investigating and escalating both customer and employee accidents. Using BRYTER’s no-code engine, a business can ensure consistency in approach to gathering information and escalating issues to the appropriate person.

Faster execution

By guiding the user through exactly what they need to do, an Accident Investigation Assistant saves time at the scene of the accident by providing appropriate advice and tailoring the questions and escalation to the specific accident. This prevents loss of time trying to learn the best way to deal with a situation.


An Accident Investigation Assistant can be easily integrated with your internal databases and systems to both read information (e.g. employee and location details) as well as write and submit information (e.g. fully formatted investigation reports which can be filed with accompanying evidence in the correct location).

24/7 availability

An Accident Investigation Assistant can be accessed by any accident responder/investigator at any time across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This allows organizations to investigate accidents immediately at the scene with the necessary rigor and consistency.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is highly customizable. An Accident Investigation Assistant can reflect the unique way in which you report, investigate and escalate accidents.

How it works


Report accidents

Through a customizable, user-friendly and interactive set of questions, the accident investigator can quickly and thoroughly conduct a full accident report and investigation, complete with photographic evidence and witness statements.


Assess reports

The sophisticated logic in BRYTER determines whether the reported accident requires escalation (or potentially a RIDDOR report to HSE) and the appropriate person to whom the matter should be escalated to, based on the details provided. This person can then instantly view all the accident details and request further information from the initial user where required.


Improve process

A dashboard allows corporate teams to view all accidents reported and investigated to date along with detailed metrics to enable better accident prevention and overall process improvement.

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