Cartel Fine Assessor

Estimate the applicable fines imposed by antitrust and competition authorities for infringements of competition laws

The Cartel Fine Assessor lets companies estimate the applicable fines that may be imposed by antitrust and competition authorities for infringements of competition laws.

The tool assesses the nature and severity of a possible infringement to help companies assess risks and provide initial guidance to minimize fines. At the end of the assessment a report is generated which outlines all key information such as the countries in which the violations occurred, applicable local laws, estimated fines and next steps.


Across the world, competition authorities are becoming more aggressive in their investigations and have been known to impose record fines which makes it crucial for businesses to accurately estimate risks to avoid any enforcement action. Assessing these risks is therefore a time-sensitive matter; as soon as companies become aware of potential competition law violations, they need to be able to conduct a risk assessment. Antitrust and competition laws are highly country-specific and local guidelines are changing frequently which makes the determination of applicable laws to assess risks increasingly difficult. 

With BRYTER, companies are able to assess the risk that potential infringements bear quickly and accurately. Our antitrust violation software contains all country-specific laws and authority guidelines and takes the user through a logic-based assessment. The user is guided through an interactive questionnaire and based on these inputs, the tool determines the applicable laws and calculates the respective minimum and maximum fines. As a result, our risk management software delivers a summary that outlines potential fines per country and appropriate next steps. As part of the tool, selected external counsel are automatically notified and sent a report of all provided details to advise further. The modular logic of BRYTER makes it easy to update and extend the application as laws and guidelines change.


Automated & standardized

The Cartel Fine Assessor provides a fast and standardized process for legal departments to calculate administrative fines.

Comprehensive summary

Within the Cartel Fine Assessor all relevant inputs and resulting fine calculations are documented to generate a comprehensive summary which outlines applicable laws, minimum and maximum fines and next steps.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable, the Cartel Fine Assessor may reflect country-specific antitrust guidelines and regulations and can be extended to include additional guidelines as required.

How it works


Identify infringements

Through a customizable, user-friendly and interactive questionnaire, all relevant data is collected and processed. Based on the user’s answers, the tool automatically navigates through applicable country-specific guidelines.


Calculate fines

The tool determines the relevant antitrust authorities and applicable fine guidelines and calculates the fine based on these results. The fine calculation process for infringements against multiple jurisdictions is conducted at once.


Generate reports

A comprehensive report is generated once the assessment of fines has been completed. This provides the company with an outline of all suspected antitrust activities and the corresponding relevant factors, such as countries where the fines may be imposed, minimum and maximum applicable fines and next steps.

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