Bradford Factor Calculator

Manage employee absences and identify employees at risk

Based on the theory that short, frequent and unplanned absences prove more disruptive to a business than longer, approved absences, HR departments worldwide calculate employee’s Bradford factors to illustrate and understand absenteeism.

The Bradford Factor Calculator allows HR departments to automatically calculate individual scores. With these scores, businesses can spot absence patterns and engage with employees early to find mutually beneficial solutions. The tool integrates with standard HR software such as Workable, Charlie HR or HiBob to keep all scores in the HR department’s main source of record and can be connected to email tools to notify managers to take action.


Frequent, unplanned and short absences may prove highly disruptive to a business which makes it essential for HR departments to spot and understand these absences in order to engage with individual employees and find solutions. The Bradford Factor constitutes a standard method to assess this type of absenteeism across the business but calculating these scores for individuals can prove very time-consuming for HR departments.

With BRYTER, companies can build a Bradford Factor Calculator that is tailored to their specific score systems and custom triggers to quickly assess absences across the business. The HR user can assess individual scores or run assessments across the whole of a department or business at once by inputting key information in an interactive questionnaire. The underlying logic of the tool then automatically performs the calculations and provides a full report of the results to the user. Our business reporting software can be fully integrated into existing HR infrastructure and email tools to maintain one source of truth and to ensure quick resolution of any detected risks by automatically notifying managers.


Automated & standardized

The Bradford Factor Calculator helps companies carry out Bradford Factor calculations in a standardized and automated process. The application automatically compiles reports without the need for human interaction.


The Bradford Factor Calculator integrates with existing HR infrastructure to maintain internal sources of record and to efficiently run bulk assessments.

Centralized audit trail

The Bradford Factor Calculator tracks and stores all scores and generated triggered actions in a conclusive audit trail to allow HR departments to understand trends and improve internal processes.

Highly customizable

The Bradford Factor Calculator can be tailored to reflect a company’s score systems and triggers. As internal policies change, the tool can be easily updated by making use of the open architecture of the BRYTER platform.

How it works


Provide information

Through a customizable and interactive questionnaire, the user provides employee details and information about the frequency and types of absences.


Get reports

Based on the user’s inputs, the tool automatically generates a full report of the assessment at hand including all calculated scores and triggered actions. These results can be integrated with other HR software and internal systems of record to keep all information in one place.


Understand trends

A conclusive audit trail allows HR departments to track scores over time and understand trends. These insights can be used to improve internal processes and to locate risks. rn

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