Certificate of Title Generator

Automate the production of a Certificate of Title for the acquisition, financing or sale of property

Certificate of Title Generator

The Certificate of Title Generator is designed to prepare a complete Certificate of Title (using relevant templates, such as, the City of London Law Society precedent) in a fast, effective and consistent manner.

Users enter the relevant information in an intuitive interface which guides them through the process of preparing the Certificate of Title including all necessary information and disclosures. This tool can be adapted and customized to suit any available precedent document for all manner of transactions. It also offers a full audit trail so you can ascertain how long it has taken on average for a lawyer to complete a certificate of title and easily generate reports.


Certificates of Title are generally required for all manner of transactions including, preparation of a property or portfolio for sale, financing an acquisition of real estate or funding a development opportunity. Preparing certificates of title can be a time consuming and lower margin exercise. The Certificate of Title Generator turns an arduous paper-heavy process into an interactive and automated tool. Law firms can customize all aspects of the business reporting software – their template, process and questionnaire – to exactly meet their requirements ensuring consistency and mitigating any potential risks of missing something. The Certificate of Title Generator can also be incorporated into any existing process or technology used to manage property sale matters.


Automated & Standardized

The Certificate of Title Generator automates and streamlines the production of a certificate of title. The user can ensure consistency in content and approach to issuing this documentation by simply providing standardized answers to each question. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to certificates relating to a portfolio of properties.

Faster Execution

Save up to 75% of time preparing a certificate of title using the latest precedent template from the City of London Law Society.


The Certificate of Title Generator can be easily integrated with existing databases, document management systems or content libraries for easy integration as part of the wider property sale transaction.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is highly customizable. The Certificate of Title Generator can reflect a law firm’s unique approach, guidance and logic.

How it works


Import precedents

Import your precedent template (e.g. the City of London Law Society’s latest precedent), into the tool and easily apply the logic. This allows users to standardize the process of creating this document and delivering time savings, consistency and risk management benefits.


Generate drafts

Users can access the Certificate of Title Generator through a variety of devices to generate legally accurate drafts without the need to consult more experienced lawyers. The flow through the application can be intertwined with other processes (email, approvals, escalation to senior lawyers, etc.) to streamline the overall process.


Monitor usage

An administrator dashboard provides an overview of all documents generated and the key terms and disclosures within them, while the documents themselves are generated independently by users. This helps you to monitor usage of the application, understand how long it has taken a lawyer to complete a certificate of title and easily generate reports.

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