Employee Status Classifier

Assess the employee status of senior staff to ensure regulatory compliance

The Employee Status Classifier automatically assesses an employee’s status in order to determine the applicability of certain legal regulations that outline post termination restrictions, notice periods and other obligations.

Through an interactive questionnaire the tool automatically carries out the assessment based on pre-defined criteria. Using a scoring mechanism that categorizes employees based on their seniority, the tool aims to identify which benefits and legal restrictions apply to an individual employee.


In order for companies to determine whether a certain legal provision is applicable to an employee, an assessment of such person’s status is made. Especially for larger companies, this determination is often a time-consuming and costly process if done manually. The HR and legal departments that assess the employee’s status from time to time stand to benefit from automating this classification process. 

With BRYTER, the Employee Status Classifier automates this task. The user is guided through an interactive questionnaire and, using a scoring mechanism that contextually weighs the different answers, an assessment against all applicable legal regulations is produced. As a result, our HR automation tool delivers a summary outlining the seniority and applicable legal provisions of the individual employee. 


Automated & standardized

The Employee Status Classifier ensures that an employee’s status is automatically determined based on a standardized process that takes all applicable legal provisions into account.

Centralized audit trail

As part of the Employee Status Classifier, all relevant input information and results (such as an employee’s name or the determined status) are collected and compiled. This information is easily accessible and provides the company with valuable insights about the composition of its workforce.


The Employee Status Classifier can easily be integrated into a company’s existing IT infrastructure and connected to HR tools.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable, the Employee Status Classifier may be designed to suit company-specific needs.

How it works


Collect data

Through a customizable and user-friendly questionnaire, all relevant employee data is collected and processed.


Assess the status

The Employee Status Classifier assesses the employee’s status based on the user’s inputs. An underlying scoring model is used to weigh different criteria as defined by statutory and case law.


Integrate results

The results of the Employee Status Classifier are stored and can easily be integrated and accessed by a central database or an existing HR tool so that they can be used for further assessments and processing.

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