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Easily conduct ESG health checks to identify risks and opportunities

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The ESG Investment Check helps corporations and financial institutions to navigate regulatory disclosure requirements and to receive sector-specific advice on best practices.

By automating the assessment process, the ESG Investment Check helps corporations and financial institutions to navigate regulatory disclosure requirements and to receive sector-specific advice on best practices. The ESG Investment Check enables businesses to easily conduct a health check and to understand their current ESG risks and opportunities. All assessments are automatically evaluated to provide you with an instant ESG rating based on sector-specific requirements and the answers provided.


With the goal to promote a climate neutral economy and to finance sustainable growth, governments worldwide have started to implement sustainability disclosure obligations for manufacturers of financial products and financial advisers. But the demand for increased transparency into the nature of financial products labelled as “sustainable” is not just a regulatory one. Stakeholders and investors increasingly put pressure on corporations and financial institutions to report on their ESG targets as sustainability risks start playing a greater role in investment decisions. These regulatory requirements as well as the investor driven demand for more transparency poses problems to financial institutions and corporations who need to assess all aspects of the business to determine their ESG risks and opportunities accurately. They therefore require guidance and clear steps to best fulfil their regulatory obligations and accurately respond to investors.

With BRYTER ESG software for investment check, corporations and financial institutions can easily assess the status quo of their ESG risks against industry standards and regulatory requirements. Our interactive risk management software guides the user through a sector-specific questionnaire and automatically calculates a risk score based on each assessed category. As a result, the user receives a 360° assessment of their ESG risks and opportunities along with practical next steps to increase their rating.


Automated & Standardized

The ESG Investment Check automatically calculates a rating based on core ESG regulations and business standards.

Fast & Safe Execution

The ESG Investment Check provides a fast assessment in an easy-to-use format to ensure corporations and financial institutions can respond efficiently to investor demands and regulatory obligations.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER, the ESG Investment Check may easily be amended to tailor to sector-specific needs and include changes in regulatory guidance.

How it works


Identify sustainability risks

Through a customizable, user-friendly and interactive questionnaire, all relevant data is collected and processed. It enables users to assess current processes against the respective regulatory tests and to generate automated triaging and documentation.


Assess risks

A risk rating is generated from the initial assessment, flagging core risks and providing recommendations for mitigation and improvement. The risk assessment can be intertwined with other processes and document generation to streamline the assessment process.


Receive guidance

A tailored and detailed report is automatically generated to allow users to easily share identified risks internally and to receive fast advice on potential opportunities and risk mitigation.

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