Health & Safety Audit

Demonstrate compliance with local fire safety, food safety and health and safety laws

Weekly Site Self Audit

A Health & Safety Audit tool allows hospitality, retail or leisure businesses who operate across multiple locations to ensure each site is undertaking the necessary processes to ensure fire safety, food safety and health and safety compliance on a weekly basis.

By introducing a standardized, electronic and self-serve process, it allows the business’s head office to ensure that processes and regulations in relation to matters like fire safety, food safety and health & safety are being adhered to at each of the businesses sites – with real-time data and alerts available to centrally monitor compliance. Site managers are guided through a self-service process that is designed to flag potential legal risks across a variety of different areas, such ensuring all fire doors are unlocked and accessible, temperature checks are being carried out on chilled food and the necessary health and safety precautions are in place to avoid accidents. All responses are stored on the BRYTER system and can be visualized in dashboards customized to the business’s exact requirements. The open architecture of the BRYTER platform allows the legal department to continuously review and update the rules, logic and guidance -ensuring that the tool always reflects up to date processes.


In the UK, legislation such as the Health and Safety Acts, as well as Food Safety Act, make clear that business owners are responsible to ensure that both customers and employees are kept safe whilst on a business’s premises. Local councils have enforcement officers to conduct regular food hygiene inspections and investigate any complaints in relation to food safety. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) must be notified of any serious accidents and can take further investigative and enforcement action. In the event of any inspection, investigation or enforcement action these agencies will request evidence that a site is compliant with the relevant regulations. Having the results of weekly self-audits available, tracking the flagging and subsequent resolution of any issues identified, demonstrates that the business has the appropriate controls and due diligence in place.

With BRYTER, legal departments can build a Health & Safety Audit that lets site managers go through an interactive questionnaire to check compliance with the relevant areas.  The modular logic of the tool can be used to produce a compliance score for each applicable area, based on the responses given. Any issues identified can have photographic evidence attached and can be escalated to the relevant department in the business.

Legal departments can easily maintain and update the risks and processes, as well as the underlying logic. Our healthcare automation tool constitutes a scalable solution for overwhelmed legal departments and ensures consistency across all of a business’s regulatory compliance activity.

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Self-serve & Standardized

With a Health & Safety Audit, site managers have quick and easy access to the latest version of the tool, to quickly assess their site’s compliance every week. Legal departments can ensure consistency by maintaining full control of the checks and rules.

Faster Execution

Compared to manual and paper-based processes, a Health & Safety Audit lets users check their site, identify any non-compliant process and escalate any issues to head office significantly faster.


The Health & Safety Audit can easily be integrated into a company’s existing systems such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams for ease of access.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable, the Health & Safety Audit can accommodate a company’s internal policies and local laws.

How it works


Conduct the self-audit

Through a customizable and user-friendly questionnaire, site managers check their site’s compliance against internal policies. Using these inputs, the tool identifies any possible risks present, as well as any need for escalation to the legal team.


Generate a compliance score & report

At the end of the self-audit process, an overall compliance score for the site is produced, along with an automated report of remedial actions to be taken.


Maintain overview

A dashboard allows the legal department to track and record each site’s compliance score and any identified issues for their record. This helps to hold site managers accountable to the correct compliance process and offers metrics on overall risk reduction.

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