KYC Assistant

Enter into business relationships faster and identify risks early on

A KYC Assistant allows organizations to rapidly collate all information necessary to assess the potential risks of a business relationship.

This process, which is often demanded by law, is a real burden for organisations as business users have to navigate through lengthy internal guidelines and policies. The tool replaces manual and time-consuming processes.

Users are able to quickly evaluate business partners and customers against respective regulatory tests and internal policies. Our risk management software enables users to generate automated triaging and documentation of tasks and functions, based on highly customizable risk-scoring models. All verification efforts are documented in an audit trail. If desired, a report and dashboard is generated to monitor key factors such as risk type, transaction value or geographic location.


Organizations such as banks, financial institutions, brokers, agents, consultants, accounting firms, law firms and notaries are required by law to assess whether business partners comply with certain regulations (e.g. anti-money laundering or anti-bribery regulations).

With the KYC Tool, this process is automated and the tool assesses business partners against various data sources such as sanctions lists. The user is guided through an interactive questionnaire, based on which the information necessary for performing all key KYC functions is queried. If specific scenarios require it, the legal department is automatically notified and an approval request is sent via email which enables the creation of a customized workflow with our KYC software.


Automated & standardized

A KYC Assistant allows companies and financial institutions to perform various tasks entailed in the Know Your Customer process automatically. The application can also be connected to external databases such as sanctions lists.

Faster execution

Since the KYC Assistant can perform multiple tasks through an automated and simple interface, background checks and establishing new relationships with clients will be faster. Across multiple clients, this will save significant hours for users.

Centralized audit trail

Within the KYC Assistant, all relevant steps, actions and assessments are tracked and documented in a centralized audit trail. This allows the business to prove and document compliant behavior.


The KYC Assistant can easily be integrated into a company’s or institution’s existing IT infrastructure and can include internal approval and handover processes.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is customizable. The KYC Assistant may reflect a company’s or institution’s unique policies, processes and risk treatments. The BRYTER Platform gives unparalleled opportunities for customization.

How it works


Collect data

Through a customizable, user-friendly and interactive questionnaire, all relevant customer data is collected and processed. The tool is then able to assess a client’s background and transactions. The application can also be connected to external databases to include specific searches and checks.


Analyze customers

A risk profile is generated from the initial assessment, flagging certain activities or persons for their respective risks, thus providing recommendations for mitigation. To streamline the KYC check, the risk assessment can be intertwined with other processes such as internal approvals and handovers.


Monitor risks

A dashboard allows to monitor risk assessment efforts and to document all activities. This helps to hold risk owners accountable and also offers metrics on overall risk reduction.

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