Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) Generator

Automate your business' legal documentation regarding datatransfers outside the EU

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Automate your business’ legal documentation regarding datatransfers outside the EU.

BRYTER no-code platform enables your company to mitigate legal risk exposure by automating data transfer agreements that are complete with the latest recommendations from EU institutions. 

By replacing manual drafting processes, the SCC Generator increases the pace at which your company can conclude data transfers and process data for business operations. BRYTER SCC Generator can populate any legal template in use for transfer agreements, making it suitable for any industry requirements and your organisation’s internal practices.


Technological developments have facilitated cross-border flows of data necessary for the expansion of international cooperation and international trade. This has also increased the need for regulators to ensure an adequate level of protection for data subjects.

In the absence of an adequacy decision of the European Commission pursuant to Article 45(3) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, data transfers from the EU to third countries must follow Article 46(1) of that Regulation. Under this decision, a “controller or processor may transfer personal data to a third country only if it has provided appropriate safeguards, and on the condition that enforceable rights and effective legal remedies for data subjects are available.”

The CJEU in Schrems II confirmed, in principle, that businesses can achieve this through implementing European Commission endorsed Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) in data transfer agreements.

Without the use of SCCs, supervisory authorities hold the power to suspend data transfers indefinitely. This could negatively impact an organization’s global operations and slowdown critical supply chains. Furthermore, it exposes companies to the risk of litigation by data subjects and subsequent investigations which could culminate in fines of up to €20 million.

As industries digitalise and reliance on cross-border data flows increases, having updating agreements becomes imperative to compliance and business.

When to use SCCs

Parties need to sign SCCs where data is transferred from the EU to third countries that lack an adequacy decision. Before companies adopt SCCs, a mandatory Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA) must be conducted. This requires exporters of data to review the data privacy laws of the importing nation. Such an assessment has been automated in the interactive BRYTER data transfer Contract Risk Assessor.

Automating SCCs

Once the TIA is complete, users can develop a self-service app with the BRYTER no-code building platform that uses conditional logic to create a legal document unique to each user’s choices. Through a customizable and interactive questionnaire, the user selects or inputs the relevant information to populate the SCCs, streamlining its creation. At each stage, the user has access to guidance on how to answer the questions while being able to witness any modifications made to the document. This ensures accuracy throughout the process.


Faster & more accurate drafting
The SCC Generator allows you to automate a complex legal document by answering just a few questions. This saves valuable time for your legal counsel and reduces the risk of human error.
Streamline execution
The SCC generator can be easily integrated with DocuSign to create a paperless and expedited execution process.
Accelerate business relationships
As your company relies more heavily on cross-border data flows, the SCC generator plays a key role in accelerating the formation of vital relationships that will improve business operations through increased data processing capabilities.
Highly customizable
Each organization’s data transfer obligations may be unique, depending on industry and internal policies. This is why the SCC Generator allows you to upload any document template to be populated with the clauses of your choice. The clauses themselves may be amended to suit your specific context.

How it works


Design and upload templates

The legal department determines the logic behind the questionnaire and uploads approved templates to the SCC Generator.


Interactive questionnaire

The user is taken through an interactive questionnaire which features legal advice
and guidance throughout. All the relevant data used to populate the final document
is either inputted or selected by the user who can see the modifications made to the
template at each stage.
The user is guided through an interactive questionnaire that features legal advice and provides guidance through the process. The user inputs or selects all the relevant data used to populate the final document, and they can also see the modifications made to the template at each stage. 


Generate SCCs

A final SCC document is generated, complete with the user’s choices. The drafting process can be integrated with tools like DocuSign and email in order to expedite the execution of data transfer agreements. 

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