Building with BRYTER: Creating a Term Sheet Generator in One Hour

Building with BRYTER: Term Sheet Generator

Adam from BRYTER demonstrates how to build a powerful Term Sheet Generator prototype that can batch process, initiate term sheets from a mobile questionnaire, and automatically provide a risk score.

In our Building with BRYTER video series, Adam Ziegler shows how to quickly and easily build powerful applications using our no-code legal automation platform.

In this 4-part installment, we’ll be building a term sheet generator application (with a little help from ChatGPT). Then, Adam will show you how to add bulk term sheet generation, a questionnaire to generate term sheets on the go, and built-in risk scoring.

This build combines document automation, databases, and data view capabilities to create a fully functional web application in about an hour.

Let’s get started!

Part 1: Quick term sheet generator prototype with data from ChatGPT

In the first video, Adam demonstrates how to create the initial term sheet generator application with the help of ChatGPT in just 15 minutes.

Part 2: Bulk term sheet generation and batch processing

The second video covers upgrading the application to include batch processing. By the end of this video, the application can generate term sheets one by one or all at once in bulk in just seconds across a range of different investments.

Part 3: Adding a questionnaire to generate term sheets on the go

Next, Adam adds a questionnaire that allows our hypothetical client to create a new term sheet on the go. By the end of this video, we have a fully functioning, deployed prototype application with a database, document automation, batch processing for bulk term sheet generation, and an online questionnaire to let our users quickly create new term sheets!

Part 4: Adding risk-scoring capabilities

In the final video of this installment, we add a risk-scoring capability, which many of our customers use in many different types of applications across a range of use cases. The complete development time for this application is just over one hour!

What will you build with BRYTER?

With BRYTER, legal professionals can quickly and easily build applications that automate the handling of complex legal data, freeing up time to focus on what really matters. We hope this series will inspire you to create your own applications using BRYTER, and we’d love to help! To learn more, book a demo with us or reach out to

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