No Limits to What You Can Build: Introducing BRYTER Connect

BRYTER Connect

Learn about BRYTER Connect, which allows users to integrate BRYTER with virtually any system.

We’re excited to announce the launch of BRYTER Connect, which empowers our customers and partners to easily extend BRYTER and integrate with other systems.

BRYTER is the development platform that enables enterprise teams to build applications, automate workflows and digitize contracting. BRYTER’s visual, no-code editor empowers subject matter experts, like legal and compliance professionals, to collaborate with developers. Now, with BRYTER Connect, developers can leverage and extend BRYTER’s capabilities beyond the core no-code platform.

Extending the BRYTER Platform

At BRYTER, our goal has always been to make application development as accessible as possible for legal and regulatory experts. BRYTER Connect makes it possible for users to connect their applications to the systems and tools they already use. In addition to our built-in connectors with popular systems like DocuSign, Sharepoint, HighQ, Kira, and Salesforce, BRYTER Connect lets you plug into any system by utilizing an API.

“BRYTER Connect is a game-changer for our customers and partners who want to manage some code to take BRYTER even further. It’s exciting to see our platform grow and unlock its potential to help more businesses automate their workflows,” said Baptiste Picard, Principal Product Manager at BRYTER.

“While we uphold our core value of enabling no-code automation, we now offer technical users the ability to extend BRYTER’s capabilities to suit their specific needs and integrate it into their technology stack, further leveraging BRYTER’s potential. Customers can now add these connections themselves, allowing for easy and fast scaling.”

“This means that BRYTER can be even more powerful in the legal and regulatory industries, which often requires multiple (sometimes fragmented) processes to run in sync and be connected. Application developers building with BRYTER can now build on top of, and extend BRYTER with code.”

Take your ideas further with BRYTER Connect

For simple use cases, there is no need for strong technical expertise, as we continue to make our platform as accessible as possible. But now, users who want to build for more complex use cases that span multiple systems have that ability, without the limitation of pre-built connectors.

BRYTER Connect allows you to:

  • Manage data in and out of BRYTER to sync with other relevant systems, such as file managers.
  • Automate even further by executing BRYTER modules from a third party, removing the need for manual actions.
  • Add powerful new actions in the Editor via Custom Actions to fit the specific needs of each customer and application, whether that involves data transformation, custom calculations, or retrieving data from other sources.

Key components of BRYTER Connect

BRYTER Connect offers three core components to empower our users:

  1. Execution API: Trigger BRYTER modules from a third-party system.
  2. Database API: Export BRYTER data to an internal dashboard for reporting.
  3. Custom Actions: Add simple functionalities to your applications.

Each component offers different capabilities, giving users the flexibility to build any custom solution to meet their unique needs.

Endless possibilities

Users can now extend BRYTER’s capabilities to create custom solutions, automate workflows, and integrate with any other system, ultimately saving time and resources and expanding what’s possible. Whether you’re a legal engineer, business expert, or technical user, BRYTER Connect empowers you to take your applications to the next level.

If you’re interested in learning more about BRYTER Connect, check out our developer site. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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