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Baker McKenzie builds custom tools to manage complex cross-border projects for clients.

Baker McKenzie is focused on enhancing client services using BRYTER technology. Innovation is transforming our methods and the services we deliver to our clients and is necessitating a deeper understanding of our clients’ business models and legal advice requirements. By using Legal Tech solutions, we can address our clients’ demand for enhanced value and efficient legal advice services.

Björn Simon, partner at Baker McKenzie, manages multi-jurisdictional projects involving numerous local teams across the world: “Legal Tech helps us to establish a standardized and efficient process in cross-border projects and to display Baker McKenzie’s global footprint.”

Simon Dez

Björn Simon is a partner in the Frankfurt office’s Corporate Practice Group. Prior to joining Baker McKenzie in 2015, he worked for the investment banking department of a German-based investment bank. Björn Simon advises national and international clients with particular focus on corporate and capital market law aspects. He frequently advises on M&A transactions, carve-outs and other cross-border and multi-jurisdictional projects.

Baker McKenzie is one of the leading global law firms and founding sponsors of “ReInvent Law”, the first legal innovation hub in continental Europe, where we enabling the cooperation between lawyers, corporate leaders as well as Legal Tech solution providers. When collaborating with BRYTER, Baker McKenzie develops new technologies and optimized work processes.

In a fast-moving world of continuous regulatory changes, the expectations of our clients are increasing:

  • Provision of legal services in a quick and customized manner
  • Increased transparency and standardization of legal services
  • Improved cost efficiency as a result of new pricing models

Managing global projects is our daily work. We already use common technological solutions, such as file sharing platforms and contract automation systems, though global projects are necessitating even higher standards with regard to project management.

In collaboration with BRYTER, we have developed different tools to enhance our services and address our clients’ expectations. Using a customized tool built with BRYTER technology, we are collecting legal input via an online questionnaire from various jurisdictions in an extremely efficient manner.

As a result, we can monitor and collect input on regulatory changes across different jurisdictions more efficiently. Based on BRYTER technology, the tool automatically creates a standardized response form which can be directly executed by our local lawyers and submitted to the client.

Building truly intelligent systems may be the long-term goal of legal innovation but standardized and process-oriented Legal Tech solutions are the first step in enhancing our client services.

“At Baker McKenzie, we combine legal expertise with innovation and Legal Tech know-how”, Björn Simon explains. “While working in investment banking, I always worked in interdisciplinary teams with the aim of developing comprehensive and not just purely legal solutions for clients. I believe that innovation and Legal Tech do not and must not replace legal expertise and strategic advice.

But Legal Tech solutions can help to bundle legal strategies and make our consulting more efficient and effective. Using the BRYTER solution, we were able to significantly speed up our internal communication process and shorten project terms for our clients as a result.”

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