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Increasing Trust and Delighting Internal Clients by Going Digital with BRYTER


We try to get people to love our legal services. We don’t want to be seen as a blocker to slow things down. We want to show our whole company that we are listening to them.

Christian Wünsche, Senior Legal Digital Operations Lead, Telefónica Germany

Telefónica is a global telecommunications company with a workforce of more than 110,000 people delivering telephone operations, mobile networks, broadband, and television services throughout Europe and the Americas. Their legal team aims to be a trusted partner to the business rather than a blocker, delivering fast responses to internal clients’ questions and automating repetitive tasks so they can focus on strategy and high-value work.

Marcel Ritter, Telefónica Germany’s General Counsel, and Christian Wünsche, Senior Legal Digital Operations Lead, explained to us how they increased trust, delivered faster services, and won the love of the business by digitizing legal services with BRYTER.

Key points:

  • Telefónica’s legal team aims to be a trusted partner and not a blocker to the business.
  • Quick responses to clients’ questions and automating workflow are essential due to the high volume of work and tight budgets. Automating recurring legal tasks and freeing up time for strategic projects is a priority.
  • BRYTER was chosen to digitalize legal services because it’s intuitive and easy to use, all without programming skills or reliance on IT.
  • Investing in automation saves a big chunk of time that can be used elsewhere.
  • The legal team is changing the way they look at their work to be more innovative and to help the business become more autonomous.

We want to create something that benefits us and our business partners.

Marcel Ritter, General Counsel, Telefónica Germany

Bringing lawyers from “it depends” to “so it is”

The way legal services are delivered is changing, and Telefónica’s legal team is embracing this change as an opportunity to evolve. Marcel tells us, “We change the way we look at our work, so impact is also autonomy for our clients — and them learning what is possible, and that the lawyers are innovative.”

BRYTER’s intuitive and easy-to-use no-code automation platform allows Telefónica to streamline and automate recurring legal tasks, saving valuable time for both the legal team and their in-house clients. It’s about making things faster and better for the entire business, while still maintaining control over those highly sensitive matters and strategic questions that require legal’s attention. This shift in approach starts from within legal, as Marcel tells us: “We need to bring the lawyers from the ‘it depends’ to the ‘so it is.'”

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