How to Remote with BRYTER

How to Remote with BRYTER

BRYTER will share its insights and experience on remote working in a series of online sessions designed for organizations less familiar with working from home.

Berlin, March 17, 2020

COVID-19 presents companies with a completely new challenge: how can I maintain business operations while protecting my employees from the coronavirus? The answer; remote working. But this brings its own challenges. As a remote-first business, BRYTER will be offering a series of online sessions from March 20, where it will share its experience and provide guidance on how to organize your business for remote working.

Currently, we have more than 70 employees at BRYTER across different countries and time zones. Remote-first means that employees can choose from where they prefer to work or work best. At the same time, we ensure we all stay connected as one BRYTER. Virtual coffees and online meetings via Zoom or Slack offer numerous opportunities to connect with one another. Despite working remotely, the cohesion and motivation amongst our employees and teams are very high. This way of working gives us the opportunity to hire the best people globally for the respective roles available, explains Michael Grupp, CEO of BRYTER GmbH.

To ensure a remote-first approach works, BRYTER is organized along certain guiding principles. This includes: empowering employees to work anywhere allowing work to revolve around one’s life rather than the other way around; encouraging clear communication; recording tasks to be undertaken and adhering to processes that are in place to avoid information being missed or lost; replacing on-the-job training with self-directed learning; taking a results-driven approach; and making all relevant information easily accessible to employees.

So what might sound simple at first requires proper planning and good organization. In fact, it is the backbone to ensuring BRYTER remains successful and continues to grow its customer base comprising some of the world’s largest corporations, consultancies and law firms.

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BRYTER is the leading no-code platform to automate expert knowledge. Its intuitive toolbox enables professionals to build, manage and sell interactive applications without programming skills. BRYTER is especially geared towards experts in law, finance, tax and compliance working with complex, conditional and scenario-based content who want to automate recurring and standardizable decision-making processes. BRYTER operates offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, and London and supports professionals in over 50 international law and consulting firms, corporates and public bodies with the automation of professional decision-making.

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