BRYTER Illuminating the EDV-Gerichtstag Event

Johannes Maurer

We introduced our no-code automation platform to legal professionals from the German judiciary and public administration.

Public sector legal professionals found out firsthand how automation can help them digitize, automate and scale their services.

A brush with the law

Last week, we visited the birthplace of legal informatics — Saarbrücken. We were in town between 18-20 September for the 28. edition of the EDV-Gerichtstag.

The EDV Gerichtstag, which loosely translates to the technology in the justice system conference, is Germany’s premier public sector legal tech event and bring together legal professionals and service providers from all over the country.

The BRYTER founding team have been attendees at the EDV-Gerichtstag since 2010 and are friends with Professor Emeritus Maximilian Herberger, the doyen of the German legal informatics community and founder of the EV-Gerichtstag.

A number of public institutions and courts are in the process of rolling out BRYTER, so it was also a great chance for us to touch base with our partners and customers and show them what is being built with our no-code platform.

As the public sector is not known for its modern aesthetic, we made a bit of a splash with our clean, white and bright booth. The odd look of puzzlement aside, the response we received from booth visitors was overwhelmingly positive.

Visitors to the BRYTER booth at the 2019 EDV-Gerichtstag in Saarbrücken

Over the course of three days, our team introduced our company and mission: to give professionals the tool-kit they need to unlock the true value of their knowledge.

Our no-code app builder provides an easy on-ramp for domain experts to architect the logic behind their decision-making process.

Through interactive demonstrations, interested parties were introduced to the basic building blocks: nodes and transitions. Navigating through interactive prebuilt solutions, booth visitors also got to glimpse some of the more powerful functionalities our workflow automation platform provides.

The BRYTER team demonstrating our no-code automation platform at the 2019 EDV-Gerichtstag in Saarbrücken

Along with platform demonstrations and enlightening discussions on the growing impact of technology in law, booth visitors were able to snack on freshly made candy floss (we had a machine on-prem).

Visitors enjoying themselves as the 2019 EDV-Gerichtstag in Saarbrücken.

The event was a great opportunity to mix and mingle with some of Germany’s leading judiciary and public administration professionals. We learned a lot about the unique challenges public sector legal operations professionals are facing on a day-to-day basis.

The BRYTER team had a great time at the 2019 EDV-Gerichtstag in Saarbrücken; we are already looking forward to being back next year.

The BRYTER team at the 2019 EDV-Gerichtstag in Saarbrücken.

To get your own, no-strings-attached demonstration of our no-code platform, get in touch and book a demo now. One of our team will soon be in touch.

BRYTER illuminating the EDV-Gerichtstag event

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