BRYTER Enters the Southern Hemisphere with Expansion to Australia

BRYTER in Australia

BRYTER has today announced the company’s expansion to a new continent with a first-time physical presence in Australia.

The move comes as BRYTER looks to provide closer support to a high-potential region for legal tech. The Australian legal scene is well-known as an early adopter of technology. With BRYTER already working in EMEA and the US with law firms and corporates alike, it’s an exciting opportunity for BRYTER to bring that experience to a market hungry for innovation. 

The new regional team will be led by Justin Hansky, a former lawyer, London Business School MBA and consultant to many of the company’s marquee clients in EMEA. Justin will support customers in Australia by providing the high-touch engagement and legal domain expertise that customers of BRYTER expect and rely on. 

About the move, Justin says: “I’m delighted to be leading our Australian expansion. Having practiced law for over four years here, I would have loved to have something like BRYTER in my toolkit to quickly build digital services and make my day-to-day easier. And if I was practicing today with BRYTER, I could.” 

“I have worked with world class legal tech innovators in the UK and US, and I am excited to share that accumulated experience and knowledge with our friends down under. Perhaps because we are a relatively new country, Australians tend to defer less to tradition and so are quicker to embrace technology and new ways of solving problems. I’m expecting that pairing that open attitude with BRYTER’s strong track record of enabling legal innovation to be an effective combination in the region.”

Justin Hansky, Account Executive at BRYTER

Micha-Manuel Bues, CCO of BRYTER and head of commercial activities, says: “Australia has been on our radar for a while because of strong organic pull from our global customers. I’m excited to share that it is now a key strategic region for us and we’re investing for the long term. Many of those global customers have significant operations in Australia and are looking to use this opportunity to work even more closely with them in a much more convenient time zone for all!” 

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