BRYTER customers get the best of both worlds: the power of AI and control of workflows

BRYTER AI Agents shown on an iPad

BRYTER launches new product suite – AI Agents – and major updates to its no-code platform

BRYTER, the AI and no-code platform for law firms and in-house legal departments, today launches an entirely new product-suite: AI Agents.

Using proprietary, pre-trained AI, BRYTER’s AI Agents help law firms and legal departments with the manual, tedious elements of their work: from speeding up the review of contracts using the Review Agent, to getting draft email replies to recurring requests from commercial teams directly in MS Outlook or Gmail through the Email Agent.

Launched in 2018, BRYTER is well known for its award-winning No-code Platform. Law firms like Linklaters and Ashurst, and in-house teams at companies like McDonald’s and ING Bank use BRYTER’s No-code Platform to automate legal workflows, generate documents and make knowledge accessible on a self-service basis.

Its new product suite, AI Agents, are designed to help these teams be even more productive by automating the manual elements of their work – in a fast, out-of-the-box way with no development required. The Agents can be used with little effort, require no building, and provide instant support.

Alongside launching its new product suite, BRYTER announces major feature updates to its No-Code Platform which now incorporates GenAI to support customers with high value use cases.

GenAI is without doubt powerful. But what we’ve learnt from our customers is that it also requires control, precision and transparency to be really useful in a legal and enterprise world.

This led us to create a secure and mature space in our software suite to employ the power of language models. Over the past months we’ve seen how combining GenAI with workflows has enabled our customers to build incredibly powerful applications – like document review, text extraction and intelligent intake systems, with little effort and impressive impact.

Michael Grupp, CEO, BRYTER

Launched in beta form to customers last year, BRYTER’s new product suite, AI Agents, are already used by numerous global brands including Bertelsmann, one of the world’s largest media conglomerates with subsidiaries including Penguin Random House and Arvato.

Having received such positive feedback and traction over the last six months, BRYTER is excited to give its customers access to AI in a safe, controllable and transparent way.

For those who want to try it for themselves, BRYTER has made a trial version of AI Agents available for free on its website: you can create your own account using the following link:


BRYTER is the AI and No-code Platform for Legal and Compliance. BRYTER enables law firms and in-house legal and compliance teams to work more efficiently.

By combining the power of AI with the precision of workflows, BRYTER’s two products — the No-code Platform and AI Agents — improve productivity and make services accessible to business partners.

Using BRYTER’s No-code Platform, legal and compliance professionals automate workflows — from document automation to signatory approvals. Using BRYTER’s AI Agents, teams can be more productive by automating everything from replying to commercial requests to completing infosec questionnaires.

Global brands like McDonald’s and ING Bank, and law firms like Ashurst and Linklaters, use BRYTER every day to improve efficiencies and scale their services.

BRYTER is a remote-first company with offices in New York, London and Frankfurt.

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