BRYTER Launches Simple AI-Solutions for Complex Knowledge

BRYTER launch

BRYTER, a provider of AI-powered expert automation, is excited to announce the launch of its BRYTER Platform today that will allow everyone to build their interactive digital apps effortlessly.

No-code platform BRYTER is excited to announce the launch of its BRYTER no-code app builder today that will allow everyone to build their interactive self-service apps effortlessly.

BRYTER believes that expert workers such as lawyers, tax consultants, auditors, doctors etc. lack the right toolset to digitize, automate and deliver complex knowledge in several activities, including document automation and contract lifecycle management. BRYTER passionately sets out to change this. It provides an AI-powered toolbox that enables everyone to build complex decision trees and to convert them into interactive digital applications.

BRYTER CEO, Michael Grupp, explains: ‘We are working hard to build a product that is easy to use, yet able to deal with complex knowledge and decision. Now it’s time to celebrate. We can offer a brand-new, intuitive and innovative SaaS solution that enables everyone to automate and streamline processes and decision making right away, including data privacy automation and data breach reporting. We wanted to build a solution that is more than just a tool. We wanted to build a solution that empowers everyone to implement a digital transformation without coding skills.’

The launch event was held in BRYTER brand-new Frankfurt office with international guests, customers and speakers.

Regarding the first reactions of pre-launch customers, BRYTER COO, Dr. Micha-Manuel Bues, adds: ‘We are thrilled by the overwhelming feedback. The reactions clearly show that the market longs for a solution BRYTER provides. We work day and night to provide our customers with a clear ROI and to help them to devise their own digital products without being dependent on external agencies or software development. Our team is dedicated to make AI and digital transformation work in an easy and simple manner for our customers.’

If you want to learn more about our ESG software or how you can build chatbots for business with BRYTER, book a demo to find out how we can help you streamline your business’ processes.

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