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The ‘Anwaltsblatt-Honorartool’ presented on the German Lawyers’ Day 2018 in Mannheim is online, which facilitates effective remuneration agreement for lawyers.

The ‘Anwaltsblatt-Honorartool’ presented on the German Lawyers’ Day 2018 in Mannheim is online, which facilitates effective remuneration agreement for lawyers. Simple questions about the specific mandate are embedded in an interactive questionnaire. The result can be downloaded as a PDF-file. The ‘Anwaltsblatt-Honorartool’ was developed on the BRYTER platform.

Digital transformation is gaining a foothold in the legal profession. Lawyers are increasingly demanding digital solutions that can be used in everyday life to solve problems faster and better than by conventional means.

Following its major relaunch at the beginning of 2018, the editorial team of Anwaltsblatt is now breaking new ground in the dissemination of legal expert knowledge. Know-how gained from articles in the Anwaltsblatt is now presented in the interactive fee tool, which was developed on the innovative BRYTER no-code platform. The tool will be presented at the German Lawyers’ Conference 2018 in Mannheim for the first time. With the tool lawyers can assess in a structured and interactive process whether a remuneration agreement or fee agreement is permissible. As a result, users will receive a detailed checklist, determining the framework of an effective fee agreement. BRYTER enables the German Bar Association to display, publish and maintain the fee tool without any development efforts. In the future, the German Bar Association wants to develop additional tools with BRYTER.

Philipp Wendt, Managing Director of the German Bar Association, explains: ‘Everyone is talking about legal automation and digital transformation. The German Bar Association wants to proactively shape this development and provide its members with digital solutions that make their lives easier. Thanks to BRYTER support, the tool was implemented with ease. We look forward to continuing to develop additional self-service apps in the future in order to provide our members with new tools’.

Michael Grupp, CEO of BRYTER, adds: ‘We are pleased that we have found an innovative client such as the German Bar Association, who has started to implement legal operations on the basis of its high level of expertise. The ‘Anwaltsblatt-Honorartool’ is a nice test balloon that will certainly make life much easier for lawyers’.

About the Anwaltsblatt:

The Anwaltsblatt is the specialist journal for independent lawyers of the German Bar Association. The approximately 64,500 members of the lawyers’ associations receive the booklet in print and online in the Anwaltsblatt app. The journalistically guided, scientifically oriented journal covers all topics related to the law and practice of law.

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