BRYTER is strongly committed to support organizations during these extraordinary times and to ensure that critical business function can cope with the increased workload and new working patterns.

COVID-19 has caused and is causing businesses worldwide to change how they operate overnight – creating the need to provide up to the minute advice to their clients and develop new processes in response to a fast-moving and ever-changing situation. Businesses will face a number of unforeseen challenges and will need to make difficult decisions to best ensure continuity of their operations – including adapting their operations and processes to accommodate for remote working.

There are many challenges to overcome which can be mitigated with automation:

1. Efficient Contract Review and Reporting

BRYTER can be used to identify and flag key risks in any type of contract as well as generate a house-style risk report and an overall risk score via either a guided questionnaire or automatically by integrating contract analysis tools. This can save up to 90% of the time compared to a manual contract review process in all areas of contract review, including: 

  • Commercial contracts & supply chain disruption: identifying whether a contract features a force majeure provision and whether parties might be excused from their contractual obligations. 
  • Real estate: effortlessly review a client’s leases for a potential break, rent suspension and/or forfeiture clauses to provide a clear and consistent assessment of their contractual position. 
  • Banking: assess and advise on the risk of default in finance agreements to provide tailored guidance, assess the risk level and determine whether to inform a lender about a breach. 
  • Project finance: streamline assessment and reporting of the potential impact of delays on large scale infrastructure and utility projects including the application of a liquidated damages regime. 

2. Scaled Advice and Automated Processing

BRYTER enables organizations to scale and distribute expertise quickly through self-service apps and chatbots and to automate recurring processes and workflows:

  • HR Advisor: automating applications for short-time work, unemployment benefits and reorganization of the workforce.
  • State Aid Guide: as governments across the world institute business grants and loans, provide your clients with guidance on their eligibility based on meeting jurisdictional-specific criteria.
  • Supply Chain Disruption Advisor: specifying the rights and obligations in the event of any supply chain disruption.
  • Employer Protection Chatbot: detailing the protection responsibilities of employers for different groups of employees. 

3. Building a COVID Helpdesk

BRYTER can be used to build a ‘COVID Helpdesk’ to streamline the intake of incoming requests, to integrate self-service tools and to create a central hub for COVID-related information.

4. Support Remote Work

As businesses are quickly turning to remote working on an unprecedented scale, BRYTER allows the establishment of digital and automated processes to cater for the lack of face-to-face meetings. Tools enable employees to ensure data privacy at home, to file requests, to get documents, to self-serve on numerous issues and to conduct conversations with a chatbot.

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