Merger Control Guide

Assess competition law implications of transactions against respective regulatory frameworks

A Merger Control Guide helps antitrust and competition law teams to evaluate which local competition authorities need to be notified about a cross-border merger.

It enables those professionals to quickly assess the competition law implications of such a transaction against the respective regulatory frameworks of all involved jurisdictions and produces a transparent overview of all legal implications arising as a result. All assessments are documented in an audit trail. If desired, a dashboard can be generated to keep track of ongoing notification procedures in all affected jurisdictions.


Under the antitrust and competition laws of many jurisdictions, the respective competition authority has to be notified about cross-border mergers involving companies which are active on their market. Competition law professionals are therefore required to evaluate whether a notification of a transaction is compulsory in each affected jurisdiction. While this process can be very onerous and time consuming, it is inevitable for the closing of the transaction. Law firms and in-house teams therefore need to have reliable processes in place to conduct this recurring process in an efficient and transparent manner. 

The Merger Control Guide contains a structural representation of each jurisdiction’s provisions and thresholds which trigger the notification requirements of the respective competition authorities. The user is guided through an interactive questionnaire which allows the tool to automate the assessment as to whether a filing of a transaction in a particular jurisdiction is required. The modular logic of the tool can easily be extended to include additional jurisdictions’ competition laws so that all required use cases are accounted for in the course of the assessment.

As a result, the Merger Control Guide produces a report which transparently lists the competition authorities which need to be notified along with the required information for each notification and a fact summary regarding the assessment. All results produced by our business reporting software can be stored in a central database and visualized on a dashboard which helps to keep track of ongoing notification processes.

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Automated & standardized

The Merger Control Guide offers a standardized assessment of the implications of a cross-border merger in all affected jurisdictions. This ensures a consistent approach and documentation.

Scaling knowledge

The individual manual assessment of the competition laws of multiple jurisdictions binds valuable resources. The Merger Control Guide allows law firms to quickly and reliably scale their knowledge and thereby conduct such assessments at almost zero marginal cost.

Centralized audit trail

Within the Merger Control Guide all relevant steps, actions and assessments are tracked and documented in a centralized audit trail. In this way, compliant behavior is documented and easily comprehensible.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is customizable. The modular logic allows to enhance the Merger Control Guide steadily to cover a wide range of jurisdictions and their respective merger notification regulations.

How it works


Collect input

Through a user-friendly and interactive questionnaire all relevant data of the transaction is collected and processed. This enables the assessment of potential merger notification duties in many jurisdictions automatically and at the same time.


Perform assessment

A transparent report of the individual assessments is automatically generated, listing the jurisdictions which require a notification of their competition authority and providing guidance on form requirements and special circumstances.


Keep track

A dashboard keeps track of ongoing notification processes and their respective deadlines. This ensures timely completion and compliant behavior.

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