HR Incident Handler

Streamline the way your business handles HR complaints

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The HR Incident Management Software is designed to streamline the way your business deals with employee incidents.

BRYTER’s no-code platform enables you to easily automate both your complaints and approval process and automatically generate emails and documents to notify respective employees in relation to the issues at hand. The HR Incident Handler can be adapted and customized to suit your complaints and approvals processes as well as issue determinations in your company’s house-style documentation.


Dealing with employee incidents can be a time-consuming process. Moreover, it is vitally important to ensure consistency in the way a business handles employee issues and that internal policies are strictly complied with. Our HR incident management software enables just that: a streamlined and standardized process which is fair and transparent. In doing so, our HR automation tool is able to automate the way issues are dealt with and help ensure consistency in the determinations resulting from the process.

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Automated & standardized

The HR Incident Handler automates and streamlines the process of dealing with employee incidents. Using BRYTER’s no-code engine, the employer can ensure consistency in approach to gathering information, seeking necessary approvals and preparing and issuing relevant emails and documentation.

Faster execution

Save significant amounts of time dealing with employee incidents.


The HR Incident Handler can be easily integrated with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system as well as other internal databases to ensure information gathered and resulting determinations are recorded in the right place.

24/7 availability

The HR Incident Handler can be accessed by any human resource professional and employees at any time.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is highly customizable. The HR Incident Handler can reflect the unique way in which you process and determine employee incidents.

How it works


Record incident

Through a customizable, user-friendly and interactive set of questions, the employee is able to provide relevant information pertaining to the incident in a more streamlined and standardized fashion.


Automate processes

Once provided, the tool can be handed over to the Human Resources department to assess the information and, based on your internal process, the incident can be escalated, settled or determined in just a few clicks. Ultimately, the process can be customized to align with your workflow and documentation. For instance, once completed, you can automatically generate house-style determinations or letters as well as automate the escalation of key issues or approvals to the Legal department by email or further handover of the tool.


Get insights

A dashboard allows those administering the incidents or workflow to see at a glance the number of incidents raised and completed to date and the time taken to do so to get a more in-depth view on your overall effectiveness and productivity of this process.

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