Lease Reviewer

Simply review key terms and generate lease reports

The Lease Reviewer helps expedite the lease review process and standardize the way you report in your house-style.

The Lease Reviewer integrates with contract analysis tools to identify the key terms of a lease and guides real estate lawyers and professionals through an interactive version of their lease report template all in one interface. The tool can be easily adapted and customized to different lease types including, office, retail, leisure, warehouse and residential leases.

The tool can also determine – based on a sophisticated customizable risk scoring model – how risky certain leases are.


Reviewing leases can be a time consuming, voluminous and a relatively low margin exercise. By integrating with machine learning contract analysis technology, our residential and office lease tool provides a single interface which acts as both a review platform and house-style business reporting software. The user simply reviews the key terms of the lease extracted (e.g. landlord, tenant, principal rent, repair and alterations) and answers a series of questions which reflects their house-style lease report.

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Automated & standardized

The Lease Reviewer helps identify key terms of the lease in a fraction of the time it would take for a manual review and allows the human to provide standardized answers to each section in order to ensure fast and consistent lease reporting.

Faster execution

Save up to 60% of time reviewing and reporting on leases in your firm’s house style. documenting the necessary determinations.


The Lease Reviewer can be easily integrated with a variety of contract analysis tools, including Kira, as well as with your house style lease report template.

24/7 availability

The Lease Reviewer can be accessed by the user at any time.

Highly customizable 

Every application built on BRYTER is highly customizable. The Lease Reviewer can reflect the unique way in which you report on leases and can also apply sophisticated scoring to enable you to provide a high-level risk rating to your clients for each lease reviewed.

How it works


Extract clauses

Integrating with a contract analysis tool, such as Kira, RAVN or Luminance, the Lease Reviewer tool highlights each of the relevant terms in the lease in an interactive interface. 


Review leases

Through a customizable, user-friendly and interactive questionnaire (reflecting your lease report template), the user is able to review the terms extracted and report in a more streamlined and standardized fashion.

Additionally, the tool can be extended to include sophisticated scoring to enable you to provide your clients with an overall risk rating for each lease reviewed based on how you answered the questionnaire. This process can also be customized to align with your workflow. For instance, once completed, you can automatically generate a house-style version of your lease report as well as automate the escalation of key issues to colleagues or emails attaching the report to clients.


Keep track

A dashboard allows those administering the matters or workflow to see at a glance the number of internal lease reviews completed to date and the time taken to do so to get a more in-depth view on your overall recovery rates and margins for this work stream. 

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