Playbook Digital Software

Digitize expert knowledge to create internal negotiation best practices

The Playbook Digital Software is designed to interactively check your standard corporate terms and rulebooks against documents and contracts to quickly identify risks, deviations and negotiation potential.

This also ensures a more consistent approach and mitigated risks. The Playbook Automator can also be integrated with contract analysis tools to identify key provisions in a negotiated document and determine – using a sophisticated customizable risk scoring model – the risk profile for each of the terms identified. In short, it enables in-house professionals to digitize their negotiation playbooks/rulebooks. The tool can be easily adapted and customized to accommodate your playbooks for all manner of business as usual documents (e.g. NDAs, parent company guarantees and terms and conditions).


Reviewing NDAs and parent company guarantees can be a time consuming and costly exercise. In most companies the generation of NDAs and other incoming documents (e.g. TCs) and contracts are still checked manually against a corporate playbook. What’s more, there can be significant risks to the business if you miss something. For many companies this area feels almost like a “black box” without clearly defined and unified processes, audit trails and proper analytics.

Our playbook software allows you to streamline this process significantly. The tool could, for example, provide an automated risk profile for each provision identified against your own risk criteria, report what changes need to be made to the document and or even automatically produce a contract amendment to send to the other party. 

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Automated & consistent

The Playbook Digital Software helps identify and provide a risk profile (against your playbook) for key terms in any business as usual document in a fraction of the time it would take for a manual review. It also helps to ensure consistency, in accordance with your playbooks, in the way you and your team review, amend and renegotiate any terms identified as risky.

Faster execution

Save up to 60% of time reviewing business as usual documents to ensure they comply with your playbooks.


The Playbook Digital Software can be easily integrated with a variety of contract analysis tools, including Kira, RAVN or Luminance.

24/7 availability

The Playbook Digital Software can be accessed by any professional at any time.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is highly customizable. The Playbook Digital Software can reflect the unique way in which you report on contracts and agreements and can also apply sophisticated scoring to enable you to provide a high-level risk rating to your clients for each document reviewed.

How it works


Analyze documents

Integrating with a contract analysis tool, such as Kira, the Playbook Digital Software highlights to the user each of the relevant terms in the document and associated risk identified in an interactive interface.


Assess risks

Through a customizable, user-friendly and interactive questionnaire (reflecting your business’s playbook and risk profile), the user can review the terms extracted and report in a more streamlined and standardized fashion.

Additionally, the tool can be extended to include sophisticated scoring to enable you to provide your business with an overall risk rating for each document reviewed based on the Playbook Digital Software’s analysis. This process can also be customized to align with your workflow. For instance, once completed, you can automatically generate a house-style version of a risk report and a contract amendment as well as automate the escalation of key issues to other business areas via e-mail.


Keep track

A dashboard allows those administering the matters or workflow to see at a glance the number of document reviews completed using the Playbook Digital Software to date and the time taken to do so to allow a more in-depth view on the terms and risks commonly identified by the Playbook’s logic and scoring systems.

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