Ashurst uses BRYTER to help clients navigate legal professional privilege rules

Ashurst's Privilege Plus tool with BRYTER

Ashurst is a leading global law firm with a reputation for providing constant improvements for their clients by offering a suite of specialized digital solutions.

With their latest innovation, they’ve answered the need for clarity around legal professional privilege – one of the most commonly asked questions of litigators. 

A few key principles across cases can indicate whether a document is covered by legal professional privilege. By asking the user a series of simple questions, Ashurst’s Privilege Plus tool can indicate whether English law legal privilege rules are likely to apply to a document. They also offer an accompanying guide to the basic principles of legal professional privilege.  

The team at Ashurst built this tool using BRYTER, a no-code platform that allows legal experts to develop their own applications that automate tasks and improve service delivery, without programming. This is the third tool Ashurst has created using BRYTER, following success with their ESG Ready tool, which helps clients ensure their readiness with EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations, and their Dawn Raid app, which is free for anyone to download on the App Store.  

“Ashurst have identified and addressed a true pain point for their clients by creating an easy-to-use tool that immediately provides clarity about next steps” says Sam Spivack, Managing Director of Legal Partnerships at BRYTER. “They have used BRYTER to quickly develop their own offering to a common client query, ‘does legal privilege apply and, if so, what are the implications?’ Once again, Ashurst have demonstrated their ability to diversify their client service and meet the demands of working in a more digital environment.” 

“Questions of privilege are hugely important, and often arise whenever documents are prepared or shared. For all involved, the Privilege Plus tool hopefully will make it easier to navigate this area of the law,” says Tom Cummins, Partner at Ashurst. 

Ashurst Partner Lynn Dunn adds, “Professional franchising is an ongoing challenge for our clients, with companies often receiving hundreds of inquiries annually. Technology and digitalization are changing the way we provide legal advice, and tools like Privilege Plus provide a practical solution to an everyday question in a straightforward and cost-effective manner.”

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