AI Association Publishes 9 Point-Paper on AI – BRYTER Contributes ‘AI in law’ Chapter

BRYTER contribution to the AI association paper

The newly founded German AI Association has published a concept paper. RTYER takes over the conceptual and content management for the use of Artificial Intelligence in law and in the legal sector within the German AI Association (KI Verband e.V.).

The newly founded German AI Association has published a concept paper. BRTYER takes over the conceptual and content management for the use of Artificial Intelligence in law and in the legal sector within the German AI Association, KI Verband e.V. As a member, BRYTER supports the concerns of the German AI Association and advises in particular on industry-specific requirements.

The German AI Association was founded on in March 2018 as the mouthpiece of the AI industry in Germany. One of its key objectives is to promote the people-centered and people-friendly use of AI technologies. The newly founded AI Association represents all relevant companies whose business models are predominantly based on artificial intelligence. The association now presented a comprehensive project paper in which it points out urgently needed measures to secure Germany’s connection to the research and development activities taking place worldwide.

‘AI is seen either as a great savior or a great danger. Opponents and friends create a false hype,’ says the AI Association’s president Jörg Bienert. The new association has a political advisory board comprising Thomas Jarzombek (CDU), Jens Zimmermann (SPD), Manuel Höferlin (FDP) and Petra Sitte (Die Linke). Chairman is Marcus Ewald of the Junger Wirtschaftsrat (the Young Economic Council).

BRYTER no-code platform is an early member and authoring the legal chapter of the AI association’s freshly published concept paper. The chapter specifically points out obstacles and requirements for AI within the legal context. The use of AI in the legal field is particularly complex and faces conceptual, technical, competitive and factual challenges. Basic research is hardly taking place any more. Extensive efforts will be required in research, administration, justice, law and business to bring AI-based products to sustainable success in the legal automation field.

Michael Grupp, CEO and co-founder of BRYTER, states: ‘We look forward to working with the AI Association, whose mission we fully share. We want to contribute our extensive experience and knowledge on artificial intelligence in law and legal operations. In most legal areas – justice system, administration and the legal professions – artificial intelligence can have a tremendous impact and enable advancements, but at the same time concern highly sensitive areas. We see ourselves as translators and mediators in both directions.’

Dr Micha-Manuel Bues, former Managing Director of AI pioneer Leverton and co-founder of BRYTER adds: ‘It is not easy for lawyers to adopt technical knowledge from other industries. BRYTER wants to reduce objections, but also exaggerated expectations, and map out in which areas the use of artificial intelligence in law makes sense’.

About the German AI Association

The Bundesverband KI e.V. was founded in March 2018 and currently has more than 50 member companies. It represents companies that are entering the market and are already active in the AI sector. The aim of the association is not only to improve the general conditions for its member companies, but also to actively support the German economy in achieving AI competitiveness and to contribute to the discussion of social and ethical issues.

The first position paper was prepared by more than 40 members of the association on a voluntary basis. It outlines the current situation, goals and concrete measures required in 19 areas of business and society. Its members have a wide experience in the field of national and international research, cooperation with established companies, business start-ups and financing.


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