BRYTER Hackathon in New York City!

Hackathon in New York

When doing hackathons, producing market-ready applications in a limited amount of time can be a challenge. No-code platforms like BRYTER can help accelerate and facilitate the development process significantly.

As part of our automation hackathon season, we participated as the tool of choice at the Future Lawyer Week USA’s hackathon. For this hackathon edition, we had five diverse and motivated teams from leading US law firms building remarkably innovative applications.

Legal Tech Hackathon in NYC

In general, when doing hackathons, producing market-ready applications in a limited amount of time can be a challenge. This is where no-code can help. They accelerate and facilitate the development process significantly. They enable the transformation of conceptual ideas into tangible, enterprise-ready software products. In other words: They allow lawyers and professionals from the legal industry to digitize knowledge, making it scalable, efficient and business ready — in just a couple of hours.

Nevertheless, it is always a challenge for new users to understand new software and use it productively.

Hacking NYC

For this hackathon edition, we had five motivated teams from leading US law firms building remarkably innovative applications. Lawyers, legal engineers, legal project managers, and software developers were among the diverse group of participants we had in this session.

Our CEO Michael Grupp kicked off the event by giving participants a brief introduction to legal operations and our no-code platform: BRYTER. Following this, Felix Kirchberg, one of our customer success managers, did a one-hour onboarding session to give participants an overview of BRYTER’s key features.

We wanted our participants to experience BRYTER at its full potential; we wanted to ensure a clear understanding of its capabilities, integrations and possibilities.

Felix Kirchberg, customer success manager at BRYTER
Michael Grupp speaking at BRYTER Legal Tech Hackathon in NYC

After the teams were onboarded, our Head of Business Development Johannes Maurer facilitated an ideation session in which he introduced a few proven use cases; this, in turn, allowed participants to grasp the possibilities of BRYTER in a more tangible way.

From 0 to ready-to-use app in five hours 

Participants worked together with enthusiasm and, after less than five hours, were able to present their ready-to-deploy apps to the jury. The results were interesting. Participants built applications that were not only legal-focused but also process- and business-oriented; practical solutions that facilitate everyday life in law firms’ operation teams.

As the teams used BRYTER’s platform exclusively, they were able to take a focused approach in creating their solutions. Read about the benefits of using a focused approach as highlighted in a recent article by Artificial Lawyer.

Among the solutions, teams came up with a client relationship improvement tool, a search engine tool for legal technology, and a request for proposal (RFP) tool. The RFP solution consisted of a self-service app that provides guiding information and automates the proposal process, allowing clients to level the playing field.

Day 1 - Legal Tech Hackathon in NYC

The winning team from Winston & Strawn LLP built a tool to automate the information gathering and document generation process for SEC and FINRA filings (in the preparation of an IPO). According to the team members, the deployment of this tool could save up to two weeks of work! Awesome, no? No coding knowledge needed, no previous experience with the platform, and in less than five hours.

Highlight of the day

In previous editions of our hackathons, most of our participants have had a legal background; on this occasion, we had more diversity with the participation of business-oriented and operations professionals. It was great to see how BRYTER was used, not only as an expert legal reasoning workflow automation platform but as a process-oriented tool. Participants automated processes that otherwise would have been done manually.

Creating a new app from scratch is always a challenge, but the usability and functionality of BRYTER makes things a bit easier — as evidenced by some outstanding applications created during the hackathon.

We believe that hackathons are great for lawyers and we cannot wait for the next one! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in organizing a legal hackathon or exploring the potential of BRYTER no-code platform.


BRYTER is the no-code app builder that enables business experts to build digital apps. BRYTER gives enterprise teams the tools to build digital applications to provide faster, more accurate services to their colleagues, without programming. BRYTER is especially geared to professionals in law, compliance, accounting and finance, who use workflow automation and no-code to streamline complex, recurring decisions and scenarios. Global brands from consumer industries (McDonald’s), through financial services (ING Banking Group) to professional service firms (Deloitte, PwC and KPMG), use BRYTER to deliver services digitally. BRYTER is a remote-first company with offices in New York, Boston, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin.

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